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Effective Letter Writing: How to Request a Course Change

Making a change in your academic program is a huge decision, but it doesn’t have to be a tough one. The first step in making a change is to write a letter seeking a change of course to the relevant department or office. This letter is a formal record of your request and an excellent way for you to articulate why the change is necessary and how it will advance your aims and interests.

Intent to Startup Business

With a startup come a new product idea and the hope of it doing better in the market. When this happens one will need commitment of either clients or investors. This is for the clients or investors to help launch the product to a full scale.  The investors will always need a kind of agreement to be sure that the business idea will be a viable one.

Recommendation for Firefighter

The fire service department is always in need of courageous people. They need people that wouldn’t mind putting themselves in harm’s way for others. So the department doesn’t just need people but unique people that are physically and mentally prepared for the task.

Recommendation for a Coach from a Parent

It is a good thing to help a child write a letter of recommendation for coaching job. It is one way of boosting the child’s coaching career. It will be a way of helping your child overcome the challenge of staying unemployed.

Recommendation for Executive Assistant

Anyone in a position of authority can accelerate another’s employment opportunity by writing a letter of recommendation. So writing a letter of recommendation for executive assistant position for a past employee, friend or colleague is no exception.

Recommendation for Housekeeper

If you are confronted to write a recommendation letter for a housekeeper, then you should endorse the applicant strength. The new employer will want an approval from someone that has been in contact with the housekeeper.

Contesting Life Insurance Beneficiary

When it comes to life insurance it is always a contract between the insured and the insurer. The payment to be made comes into play at the demise of the insured. The money or funds are usually mandated to be paid to the named person in the policy. But in some cases someone that might not be the named person as the beneficiary might want to claim the money.

Request for Storage Space

If you are looking to store your goods or household items somewhere for future use, then you need a storage space. Storage space is important as it will help preserve products and keep them in good condition till needed.

Request for Use of Venue

There’s always a need for a large space to convey people for parties, events or occasion. But unfortunately, the space one might have in one’s home or neighborhood might not be enough.

Close Bank Account of Deceased

The death of loved ones is always an unfortunate situation but things concerning them must be set straight. If the dead had a bank account, it behooves on the beneficiary to get it settled to close down.

Temporary Closure due to Covid-19

When it comes to a pandemic like covid 19, it is not to be joked with when one member of an office or a business is infected with it. When such happens it is expedient to quarantine such a staff and temporarily close down the business.

Recommendation for Dental Assistant

It will be a great support for one’s dental assistant application to be attached a recommendation. The fact is that job search comes with a lot of contenders for the job. To get the validation you need for the job, submitting a recommendation letter will help.

Recommendation for Apprenticeship Enrollment

If you have a friend, an employee or a co-worker that you believe should learn a skill, then you can help recommend them. Some apprenticeship training program need recommended apprentices that really need the training they offered. You would be in better position to recommend the candidate, as it is believe that you know the strength and abilities of your recommended person.

Requesting Certificate of Insurance from Tenants

When it comes to leasing out or renting out an apartment as a landlord, you need to guard against spending so much money from your pocket on renovations or damages due to tenants negligence.

Requesting Copy of Life Insurance Policy

With life chaotic situation getting a life insurance policy copy missing is sometimes evitable. You might sometimes get it damaged or destroyed by a natural occurrences like fire outbreak or flood.

Letter to a Judge for Early Termination of Probation

There’s always an opportunity whereby one can asked for a early termination of probation. The rule is just to comply with the rules or requirements of probation and then seek for a release by the judge through your attorney.

Bad Faith to Insurance Company

When it comes to insurance contract, the both parties (insured/insurer) need to keep up to the agreement. So it can be appalling that you, the insured keep to bargain of paying your premium but the insurer renege on their agreement.

Change of Business Ownership to Customers

There is always a change in all aspect of life, and changing the ownership of a business is no exception. If you are a leader of a company, but you need to move away for whatever reasons, courtesy demands that you inform your customers.

Announcing the Departure of an Employee

The fact remains that there will always be employee turnover in a company. This turnover can be because of employee resignations, location transfer, layoffs or just termination of appointment.

Medical Excuse Letter from Jury Duty

You may be summoned for jury service. You don’t need to disobey the orders because if you do, you might be playing with a jail term or ever stiff fines. So the best bet which is allowed by the government is to excuse yourself with very tangible reasons.

Medical Necessity for Breast Reduction

When it comes to breast reduction surgery the insurer or the insurance company, will want to know whether to pay for the surgery or not. There are a certain criteria that will be used by any insurer.

Interest for Volunteer Board Position

When you love a company and want to be a board member albeit on a volunteering note, you need to send them a letter to indicate your interest. You would need to explain to the company or organization why you want to volunteer with the board.

Reimbursement for Wife Delivery Medical Expenses

Leading organizations and companies nationwide always facilitate different compensations and benefits for their staff. These are perks that come with good jobs and the employees sign these terms as official contract that will be binding on the employer.

Discount on Medical Bill

One of the bills that we always need to deal with is the medical bill because they don’t come cheap. In most cases there are always higher than we anticipated.

Sample Letter of Consent to Release Medical Information

Sometimes medical or health situation warrants getting one’s medical report from another hospital or doctor if one is incapacitated. But the truth is that hospitals or medical providers do not ordinarily share this kind of information with any other person without a formal notice. So the best bet will be to write a letter of consent to release of your medical information. This is a very confidential information to the hospital so they do all they can to protect it.

Medical Necessity for Foot Orthotics

When you are trying to sort your foot orthotics medical bill claim with your insurer, there will be need to clarify that you really needed a foot orthotics. 

Medical Necessity for Gym Membership

People that are having medical conditions that can be improved by physical exercises or activity can get reimbursement from a health care account.

Medical Necessity for Hospital Bed

When another hospital bed is needed for a patient, it behooves on the physician to state the clinical needs of the bed for the patient. The physician would have to points out how the bed needs of the patient aren’t met with the current bed in use.

Medical Office Manager Position

When it comes to your search for a medical office manager position, attaching a rich and convincing cover letter to your resume would do the magic. With your cover letter you wouldn’t only highlight your qualifications but you would  be able to reference the job requirements as listed on the job description.

Medical Technologist Position

A good application letter is a great tool when seeking for the role of a medical technologist. The application letter will help you to highlight your skills, qualifications and competence.