Announcing the Departure of an Employee

The fact remains that there will always be employee turnover in a company. This turnover can be because of employee resignations, location transfer, layoffs or just termination of appointment.

It can be for whatever reason for an employee to leave a current place of work. So when this happens there should be a letter to that effect, so the staff announcement of employees leaving company email will be employed. The other staff needs to be aware of this employee department so that they would be in the know and of course have the knowledge about the departed other intentions for the present and the future.

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So a staff announcement of employee leaving company email is a formal business letter that is written by a head to other employees or clients that a named employee is leaving the company. The essence of the email will be to alert others that the named employee will no longer be working with them and no longer a staff of the company. The letter will also give clear information on how the responsibilities that was previously held by the departing employee will be managed and other details concerning the role left vacant. It will also help to give a clear picture of reasons for the employee departure which will help put a rest to all the assumptions that might have risen before now.

Writing a solid Staff Announcement of Employees Leaving Company Email should be done in a professional way. Just like others, this letter needs to have the information that relates to it. The below information and format should be adopted when you want to write an email on staff departure

  • Start by addressing the letter to the right office or department and people involved
  • Mentioned the purpose of the letter where you have message. This will detail why the employee is leaving
  • The name of the employee departing should be included in the letter, this will enable other employees know exactly who is leaving the company
  • Include the leave date on the letter: this will include the actual date the employee will be leaving so that those that would take over will know and prepare towards then.
  • You can include details about the next step for the employee leaving if necessary
  • State the information for the remaining workers next steps, apart from notifying them about the employee departure. The letter should also state what they are expected to do next
  • The letter needs to include a farewell event details if the company will be organizing any
  • Close your letter with an appreciation to the departed employee, and then sign off the letter with your name and title.

Sample 1

Subject: The Departure of Edwin Clarke


Dear Prime Time staff,

I’m writing this letter to notify you all that Alfred Adams is leaving the company, from the 13th of August 2020. Adams has decided to leave the company on transfer to another branch. The head of marketing position in our Texas branch office is vacant and the headquarters deem it fit to promote Adams and transfer him to be the head over there. Henceforth, from the 13th of August all the marketing department questions should be forwarded to the interim employee ( Peter Wills) till the headquarter sends the name of the replacement to us.

So you are mandated to please join others on the 10th of August at about 4pm in the small ball room to give your farewell to Alfred Adams. Let show him an appreciation for all the good work he had done during his stay with us and to let him know he will be missed. He had played a great role here and he will be very difficult to replace. On behalf of everyone in PrimeTime company we wish Alfred well as he moved to take up a higher challenge on his career path and in his future endeavors

Your sincerely

Pascal Mark

Departmental head (marketing)

Sample 2

Dear Lillian producing staff,

This letter is coming your way today to alert that Augusta Williams is leaving the company from the 4th of May 2020. Williams has decided to go ahead with her studies and it will be full time which wouldn’t give her the time to carry out her duties in the office effectively. So from the 4th of May all department question to be forward to Rudolf Dan till we are able to get a befitting replacement for her position

Please join the other staff at the seminar’s hall by 3rd may by 5pm to give Augusta a farewell. We appreciate her hard work she has done for us and the office as well in the past 6 years. This shows that we will be missed. Williams has already played a giant role in the development of our customer relation department and it might be difficult to replace. On behalf of the entire company and those in the human relation department I wish her the very best as she pursue other of her life’s pursuits.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Murdock

President, board of directors


When an employee leaves a company it behooves on the lead or head to let the rest of the company to know about it. It wouldn’t just be a nice move but it is a needed process to smoothen continuation of the operation in the company. The company needs to make others still in the company to know why the named employee is leaving and who is likely to step into the role in the interim. All of these details need to be communicated in an official way which will be sending a notice to this effect. The letter needs to contain all the necessary information that other staff will want to know. The above guideline will be guide you on all the information you would be to state in your email.

The samples have been given as well, you can use them as your templates to write your departure letter to perfection.


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