Change of Business Ownership to Customers

There is always a change in all aspect of life, and changing the ownership of a business is no exception. If you are a leader of a company, but you need to move away for whatever reasons, courtesy demands that you inform your customers.

This will show to your customers that you hold your business in high esteem and care about the customers too. So the best bet will be to write to each of these customers to inform them. This is where you would need to employ the change of business ownership letter to customers.

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So a change of business ownership letter to customers is a letter to inform clients of a business the change in ownership. The letter will let the customers know the details of the next person that would work to satisfied them. it will give the customers the assurance that the business have their interest at heart . It will show that you the writer is a good boss. With the letter, a customer wouldn’t be surprise about the new develop as they have been intimated already.

The letter will also prepare the customers to the new changes that might be coming with the change in ownership. This is because no two persons can lead the same way. So they will be prepare for the new style of ownership

Writing a letter of change of business ownership to customers’ needs to be neutral but in a friendly manner. You would need to be positive in your tone of writing, to assure the customers that the new person taking over is also a skilled leader. This is to still sway the customers to your side that they need to trust the quality of the business. This will show that the business will continue to offer their very best to them. To craft your letter to achieve the above aim you need to craft your letter this way:

  • Write in a formal manner but be friendly in your delivery: you can start your letter with Hello.
  • Then start with showing appreciation to all your customers and for their loyalty
  • Then inform them about the change in ownership, include the date this happened and the reason.
  • Give information about the new person taking over the ownership and give assurance of the ownership being the best
  • Tell the customers, they are valued and the change in ownership wouldn’t bring any distortion

Sample 1

Bar chocolate company,

233 upper land street,

San Francisco, United States

7th May 2003

Mann Oscars

57 Ryan’s Road,

San Francisco, United states

Subject; Change of Ownership Letter

Hello Oscars,

It is a pleasure writing to you and to thank you so much for always choosing our company. It has been nice knowing you as a loyal customer and I know it will better even in the future. This letter is to intimidate you that bar chocolate company at 233 upper land streets, San Francisco, United States has a new owner. It is now owned by Mr. Ralph Giddy. This is because I am going away to another country to join my family.

This change will start from the 10th of May 2010. You should aware that there are no changes with its management or policies. The company will still maintain its decorum and reputation. So this means that you would still be getting the same value for your money. So you shouldn’t have any doubt at all about the quality and standard of the company. It will be the same for now and even in the future

You have always been there for us, right from the inception of this business. I believe that you would continue to have this same faith with us. Even as it is having a new owner that you would be there for the business. So keep up the faith in us and we continue to promise nothing but the best.

Thanks for your usual patronage and all the best.

Yours sincerely,

Sample 2

Basil Caleb

BasCab clothing brand

467 mountain roads, Atlanta

4th July, 2009

Tessie Linus

46 Tamari Street, Atlanta

Subject; letter to announce new ownership

Dear Tessie Linus

Compliments of the day, I hope you are doing just fine. This letter is to inform you about the change in the ownership of your favorite clothing brand. BasCab clothing brand owner has been changed and it is now owned by Mercy Osborn. You have nothing to worry about because you would be getting the same fantastic treatment. This effect will start from the 6th of October, 2009. The new owner has cleared all the previous debts and starting the company on a new slate.

So with this, you are sure of working with a brand that has been reinvigorated and renewed to be great. You would be having only a dedicated and disciplined leader. The new person ms Osborn will be offering support and respect to the existing customers. you would notice professionalism and sincerity by the workers of the brand

So you don’t need to fear or fret over this change, it is all for good. You would understand me as the day go by. As you would only get only good value daily for your money. So  I will crave that you continue to be loyal to this brand. Thanks for sticking with us all through the time.

Yours sincerely,

Basil Caleb


Sometimes it  is expedient for a company to change its ownership. When this is done, there’s always a need to get the customers informed. This will intimidate the customers and get them prepared for the new ownership style or structure. To get this type of letter right, you would need to write it in an informative manner. This means that the right information must be inculcated into it the letter. So the above guidelines and format have been outlined for you, you can use them to draft your letter accordingly.

You can use any of your templates above to craft your change of ownership letter; you just need to fill in your original information.


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