Close Bank Account of Deceased

The death of loved ones is always an unfortunate situation but things concerning them must be set straight. If the dead had a bank account, it behooves on the beneficiary to get it settled to close down.

Apart from the death, they might  be other reasons why you might want to close that account. It might be you want to use another because of high interest rate. It might be because you are relocating from that town or you just want that account permanently closed. To have this account closed after sorting all issues with the bank is to write a letter to close bank account of  the deceased.

So the letter to close bank account of deceased is a letter to inform the bank about the need to close a deceased bank account. The letter is first to alert the bank of the need of the beneficiary or family member to get the bank account closed. It will help outline the reason or reasons for the closure. The letter will serve as official evidence to the bank, that it was requested by a known person. The letter will help state in details all the information the writer will want the bank to know and have about the closure.

Just like every other request letter, the letter requesting closing of a deceased account should be formal. The letter should be written in an official manner. All the formal features should be adopted and applied in the letter. The below steps show be followed when writing a request letter for closing a bank account of a deceased.

  1. Address the letter to the appropriate bank manager: state the bank name and use the manager’s name
  2. Detailed your personal information and state your relationship with the dead
  3. Include the subject line: which will be the purpose of the letter
  4. Salute the reader and introduce yourself to the recipient
  5. State your reason for the account closing and if necessary asked the amount herein should be transferred to a named account (if there’s still money in the account)
  6. Attached the documents that would be requested
  7. Conclude your letter requesting your plea be granted
  8. Signoff with your name and signature

Sample letters requesting close of bank account of a deceased

Sample 1

Mr. Dominic Steve


Diamond bank of America

Atlanta branch

Subject: request to close bank account due to death

Dear Steve

I am Dallas, the son to your deceased customer Mr. Roy Dallas. I did inform you about 4 months ago, that this said customer has passed on due to cancer. He had a saving account with your bank and he made me his beneficiary. I had previously submitted all the documents you had needed a while back. I have my own account and wouldn’t want to keep two savings accounts.

Though the account in question was opened to saved money from the proceeds of his business, but due to his death the company is no longer operational. The truth is that I don’t intend running his company or any of my sibling. So there would be no money deposited into that account from any profit made. So I don’t think that account should still be opened. I prefer it closed for life, so please I will need you to do the needful by closing it.

Once again, I have attached all the documents as requested by the bank. I have earlier asked the cashier and I was informed I still needed to attached all the documents here. I have also attached an affidavit as directed to signal the official closing of this account. So I will be waiting for you to give a positive response to my application. I would be grateful if my request is granted. Please send a confirmation note when once you are done with the task.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Dallas Roy

Sample 2

12th August, 2004

Branch manger

American express Bank

Florida branch

Subject: letter to close a bank account for a deceased

Dear bank manager,

I want to bring to the notice of the bank that my aunt (mrs Rosaline Tommy) is dead. She died due to prolonged labor last month. Since the husband isn’t around but we just found out that she had a bank account with American Express bank at Atlanta branch. So according to legal rule of the bank, we would want to close the bank account there.

We have attached her death certificate and other bank documents that were needed for verification. As per the funds in the account, we request you transfer to the account of the husband. All the details of the husband’s account details have been attached to this request. We don’t want fraudsters or scammers using this account for any illegal transaction so we want the account closed.

Please when you are done with all your verification, close the bank account afterwards. We urge you to notify others to cease all past instructed transactions that were associated with account. Any other documents that would be needed will be provided as stated.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Collins Tommy


Death is inevitable for all beings and it comes with no announcement. Anyone can drop dead anytime and this leaves a lot of things undone. One of such is the bank account used by a deceased. When once there’s no need for a deceased account, the best bet will be to close such account. So to legally achieve this, it will need writing to the manager of the said bank.

The right information that will interest the bank should be included in the letter. The above stated information needs to be in the letter. The requested documents should also be attached to the letter. If you want to have a well-written letter requesting for the close of bank account of deceased, then the samples will help. Just input your original information and you would have written an informed request letter already.


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