Discount on Medical Bill

One of the bills that we always need to deal with is the medical bill because they don’t come cheap. In most cases there are always higher than we anticipated.

At the end of the day you would need a reduction to enable you pay especially if you would  be making the payment from your pocket and no help from anywhere. So you can request for a discount on operation, surgery, hospital and other medical bills. The way to formally present this case to the hospital is to craft an application letter asking for a discount on your medical bill and see how it goes.

So a letter asking for discount on medical bill is a formal statement of request to a health facility or health provider to give a reduction in their hospital bill. This letter will enable the writer to bring to the notice of the recipient the high level of the medical bill. It will help the writer have the opportunity of asking for a discount that will enable ease of payment. The letter will also open to the recipient the reasons the writer is asking for a discount which if reasonable will have a positive response almost immediately.

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  A letter asking for discount on medical bill is a simple formal letter that will need to be written in an official way. So all the attributes of a formal  letter should be adopted, the letter need to have addresses, introduction, date , salutation, body and a conclusion. You need to write this letter as a plea since you are trying to appeal to the recipient to heed to a plea to help. To make your   request letter for discount on medical bill really efficient, you would need to include in our letter the below information:

  • State the reason for your letter so that the recipient that understand the need of your letter at a glance
  • Mention the reason why you would the discount: This is the most important information, it is not just enough to say their services is expensive, stating the main point you can’t afford the bill will help to resolve things better
  • You can state the percentage of discount that you need: This will help give the recipient a fair knowledge of the level of discount you are requesting for.
  • Conclude your letter by asking that you should contacted with the response of your letter as soon as they can
  • Remember to be courteous here as you are only requesting for a favor so isn’t your right.

Sample 1

Felicia James

678 unison Avenue, Washington DC


12TH July, 2021

Radisson Hospital

7889 clinic road, Washington DC


Dear Ms Hogan,

I’m Mrs. Rita Morgan, a mother to one of your patients master Kelly Morgan. I’m requesting that you reduce your hospital bill for us. I just got the total medical bill for my son; I must confess that it is way higher than our budget. The fact is that we might not be able to pay completely this bill. We are new to your hospital and medical services and never thought that it will your service though top notch would be this expensive.

So we are asking for a 40% deduction to enable ease of payment. We had other bills that we incurred before transferring him to your hospital so we are looking at sorting those as well. We commend your hospital for your excellent services in seeing that my son is well and okay. You have very good medical hands in place and I commend you for that. Infact, I have made this place my medical haven as I will always be visiting whenever the need arises.

Thank you for your understanding; I’m looking at you giving my request a thought and a positive response. Thanks in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Felicia James

Sample 2

Joyce Meyer

7867 Mayfair Street, Austin

Austin TX

12TH April 2021

Champion Health Center

678 junior ways, Austin


Dear Dr. John,

With due respect, I want to bring to your notice my predicament. I had my daughter, jenny Meyer admitted in your health facility 3 months back and she has receiving different treatments which have been paying. I work with the government and I have been working tirelessly so that I will be able to foot her medical bills. But yesterday, the doctor that did the morning rounds told me that she will need a major surgery to help with her bloated stomach.

I have handed the total fees that will validate the commencement of the surgery but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to pay such high amount. I am just a junior worker and my salary would not carry this burden. So please can you grant me a $400 discount, so that I can make the money available as early as possible. Please this will help and enable my daughter to be healthy once again. I will be grateful if you can my request.

Thanks you for your time and consideration, I’m looking forward to your understanding and positive response. Please don’t hesitate to contact if need be.

Yours sincerely,

Joyce Meyer


The medical bill varies according to the nature of one’s sickness; there are ones that are just expensive like when a major surgery is involved. In cases like this, you can ask the hospital for a discount to enable quick payment. If you want to request this favor, it is good to use an official channel which will be writing to the appropriate person in the hospital asking for a discount. The guidelines given above should guide you on the right information you should mention in your letter. Writing the letter is simple but you need the right format to get it right. So the samples have been crafted for you, you can use any of them as your template to craft your letter to perfection.


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