Interest for Volunteer Board Position

When you love a company and want to be a board member albeit on a volunteering note, you need to send them a letter to indicate your interest. You would need to explain to the company or organization why you want to volunteer with the board.

There are many reasons you would want to do this, whether you are trying to volunteer to explore the possibility of gaining entry into the company or this career field or you just want to assist to make the needed difference in the company, you need to be official about it. So here come in the need to write a letter of interest for volunteer board position to the company.

So a letter of interest for volunteer board position is a letter to indicate interest to get a volunteer position in an organization. This letter is always written by a volunteer applicant to an organization one wants to volunteer in. This letter will help to alert the organization about the writer’s need and the writer will be able to gain the attention needed to be recognized by the organization. The letter of interest will hopefully make the respondent agree to a personal interview for the volunteer role that the writer is interested in.

Letter of interest for volunteer board position is a formal letter as such must have features and attributes of a formal letter. You would need to have your addresses, the formal salutation, and the introduction, body of the letter, a conclusion, the formal close and signing off officially. You would need to include in this letter some information that sway the reader to give a positive response to this voluntary job.  The below information should be included:

  • The relevant experience: You want a board position; you should be able to show that you have an experience in the volunteer position already. be sure you know the duties and responsibilities that the job entails
  • Mention how you are best fit: you would have to show that you fit perfectly into the volunteer position. You would need to state your set skills that give you the power to believe that you can fit in perfectly for the job
  • State your reason for wanting to volunteer: your employer will want to know how you want to volunteer for the role and position so you go ahead to give your logical reasons and make it as credible as you can
  • Input your contact details: don’t forget to leave your contact details in the interest letter, include when you are always available incase you need to be contacted and you can stay how best you can be contacted,

Sample letters of interest for volunteer board position

Sample 1

Philip Brown

4 Haven Street, Dermot Kennedy


Celtics international company

City of Massachusetts, Boston

Boston 617, New York

Subject line: Letter of Interest for Volunteer Board Position

Dear Mr. Hogan,

This letter is an indication of my interest for a volunteer board position in your company. The truth is that I’m totally in sync with the focus and goals of your company and I want to use my experience as a board manager before now to assist the community projects like yours to reach its potential. I have been a board member of my previous job for 6 years so I have the skills for strategic solutions and leading of meetings.

You can count on my leadership skills and administrative skills as they are top notch and they will be of great help to your company. My key strength lies on strengthening the capacity of any employee and being very resourceful to push any company to its full potential. I will work with others to find permanent solution to the company’s needs. I am certain that this commitment and passion level of mind toward my job will make me a good asset to your company.

My schedule during this period is very flexible and I will always be available to volunteer any time I am needed. I hope you would get back to me as soon as you can. So do go ahead to contact me on my mobile 4545-678-987. Thank you for your consideration as I’m hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Brown

Sample 2

Mr. Johnson King

657 Ojon Street

Tinsel, Florida


12th August, 2006

Ms. Freda Praise


Praise inc

345 sentry hill drive


Dear Ms Praise,

I will like to be interview for a volunteer board position in your organization. I have extensive experience working on other organization boards and I would be excited if I’m given the same privilege to serve in your organization. I have been a board member in Santos standard company, South Carolina and I had helped in the different projects of the company to see the light of the day and I can replicate same here.

I will be thrilled to serve in your organization as a volunteer board member, I’m sure my skills and experience will make me a valuable asset in your organization. I wouldn’t mind to turn u at anytime you would be ready for an interview with me. You can contact via the email or phone number as I have indicated above.

Thank you for your consideration as I look forward to getting a favorable response from you. Please reach me at your earliest convenience as I will be anticipating your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Johnson king


A volunteer job role can be for different reasons which might be to widen one’s horizon or give back to the society.  Whatever the reason might be it is good to know how to craft a professional letter indicating interest for the role. This is why this article is here to help you know how you can write a letter of interest for volunteer board position.

You can use both the information and the writing format written above to craft your letter to perfection. You just have to input your own information and you would have gotten a well written letter of interest.


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