Letter of Continued Interest

When you are on a waitlist or deferred by a school, you really want to attend it can be very frustrating. All you feel, you should do is to get keep waiting still you are offered a spot to start as a fresh student. But you can still do something that will increase your chance at getting their acceptance letter.

So you don’t just have to sit around waiting, you can take up an action that can expedite action. This is where writing a letter of continued interest comes in. you need to still persuade the school to show that you are still interested in their offer regardless of anything.

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So a letter of continued interest is an official letter that is written to a school, to remind the school that one is interested in attending despite being deferred or on their waitlist. This will alert the school that you are still waiting for their offer. The letter can be used to even show the school what you have achieved since you submitted your application for admission. Though this letter might not be the ultimate to getting one  the chance one need to be noticed, but it wouldn’t hurt to alert the school that you have a strong desire to attend the college.

The truth is that the some schools also take into consideration, the pressure some candidates exert to get their admission, so with one’s LOCI,  it will show the level of interest in the school. So if anything that will hitch towards success which be adopted, a letter of continued interest will give one an edge over other applicants. So other similar qualified candidates might not have a LOIC in place and this will put you in a better pedestal for success.

When trying to achieve an effective Letter of continued interest that will bring the desired result, then you must seek to accomplish these 2 goals which are to show you would attend the school if granted an admission and that you have all that it takes to succeed if offered the admission. So you go ahead to adopt the below features and format to aid you craft your letter to perfection.

  • Start the letter with the person name you are addressing your letter to and the person title
  • State the college name and address, add a salutation to it
  • Write the body of the letter in paragraphs and you should include information of statement on your interest in the school, then alert the school of it being your first choice, thank them for even deferring you or putting you in their waitlist while expressing optimistism of being granted a spot, reasons you want the school
  • Include in your letter your improved ACT or SAT grades, higher GPA, honors OR awards
  • Then close your letter reiterating a thank you and hopes for a consideration

Below are the samples letters of continued interest

Sandra Smith

467 holly street, Dallas

Texas TX678

12th July, 2021

The University of Dallas

Dallas County

Texas, TX 2345

Dear Mr. Pius,

My name is Sandra Smith and I applied early action to the University of Dallas on the April, 4th, 2021. First, I want to appreciate you all for the time you took out for reviewing my admission application despite the present deferment. With this letter, I am officially declaring my continued interest in University of Dallas. The truth is that I know that this college will suit my educational needs.

I know I have received other acceptances but the University of Dallas is my sure bet. As I have already stated in my application, there’s no other school that pharmacy major with a concentration in applied pharmacy and drug production. I currently read an article published by the school pharmacy students of the college and I know this is the perfect school for my academic pursuits.

I have raised my GPA from a 3.34 to a 3.67 since I submitted my application mid June. This was from a semester by earning As in my pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. I hope this letter will give you the assurance of my interest in becoming a University of Dallas student. I wouldn’t mind to give all the answers you would need from me.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Smith

Sample 2

Alex Bach

456 kentia Street,  


3rd August, 2021

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Dear Sebastian,

I am Alex Bach and I had applied early for the admission into University of Florida. This letter is to thank you for the time in reviewing my application. However, I have been in your waitlist for a while now but this letter  is to declare formally my continued interest in University of Florida. There’s no disputing the fact that the University of Florida would be the best fit for me. i have acquired more skills since last I submitted my application to study computer science.  My computerize skills and communication skill is top notch now. I am sure that these new skills of mine will enable me fit in to my dream study.

I am reaffirming my continued interest in this University with this letter. Please consider me and grant my request. Please don’t hesitate to request for any information, you might want to find out from me. I’m  looking to hear soonest from the admissions committee.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Bach


Being in a waitlist or deferred by a school, should be the end for you. There’s a great step you can take to show the admissions officers that you are a competitive candidate. You can express your need to be given the needed spot by writing a letter of continued interest. You need to make your letter a lot worthy by adopting the right writing guide and tips and the writing guide above can help you achieve this.

The samples are also written to aid you craft your letter to perfection. You can use any as your template to customize to our own taste.


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