Medical Necessity for Foot Orthotics

When you are trying to sort your foot orthotics medical bill claim with your insurer, there will be need to clarify that you really needed a foot orthotics. 

If you had a medical treatment that includes redistributing pressure to the feet or to prevent ulcer and other foot abnormalities then insurance will require a letter of medical necessity to be attached with the claim for orthotics and submitted to them.

The fact is that the letter of necessity would mean that you get your claim paid or you would deny your foot orthotics claim. So you would need to have a letter of medical necessity for orthotics written by your medical Doctor and sent with your medical bill claim to have a positive response from the insurer.

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So a letter of medical necessity for foot orthotics is a medical letter written by a qualified doctor and sent to a patient’s insurance company for a medical bill claim. It can be classify as a narrative note from health provider stating in clear terms why a patient might need any orthotic device. This letter will enable the insurance company to know why the foot orthotics was necessary for the client, it will enable the medical billing process by the insurance company to be swift as they would have reasons and evidences for payment. The insurance company will be able to get all the information that necessitated the use of foot orthotics. It will show that the information provided for payment is credible and the client is trustworthy.

 A letter of medical necessity for foot orthotics is a formal letter; hence, you would need to employ all the formal attributes when you are writing your letter. You have to write a persuasive and convincing medical necessity letter to be able to sway the mind of the recipient. The letter of medical necessity for foot orthotics needs to have some elements that will supply all the needed information to the insurer. Use the below guidelines to excellently craft your letter.

  • Start your by addressing it to the appropriate recipient
  • Have a subject line for yourself
  • Next, is to introduce yourself and state reason for writing the letter
  • Provide the patient information as you are sending the medical bill claim: this should include the diagnosis of the stated patient same with the treatment
  • Mention what the patient will need for future use, if the present becomes ineffective. This will give the insurer fair knowledge to prepare incase of more future treatment
  • Write your letter in a very simple way but add a deep explanation to it

Below are the Sample letters of medical necessity for foot orthotics

Sample 1

12th July 2021

Datanta Insurance Company

456 Stadium Road, Houston



Sub Line: Letter of Necessity for Foot Orthotics

This is a letter to clear your doubt on the clinical justification to assist my decision to fit your client ( Mary Dominic) with classic orthotics. Your client approaches our office on the 4th of May for treatment and examination of foot pressure. An evaluation was conducted and it shows that the heels were becoming very weak and needed a device that will help hold them firmly which exerted pressure on her foot. So we had no option that to do the right thing which was a fitting of orthotics.

So the classic elastic orthotic device was prescribed for her, this device is mostly to support her stability and take away any severe pressure that will lead to high pains. So this will help her to always adjust to a better mechanical position. The device will also assist to reduce any further structural deformities in her foot. So already she is already having the comfort we anticipated with the orthotics device.

So Mary Dominic was casted on the 16th of May and the classic elastic orthotics was ordered. I wouldn’t mind taking on any question from you. I await your positive feedback

Yours sincerely

Dr. Brain Austin


Sample 2


23rd Sept, 2009

Jessie Insurance Company

675 Emmaco drive

South Carolina

Sub:  Letter of Medical Necessity for Foot Orthotics

Dear Sir,

I’m Dr Dean, the clinical health provider for your client (Mrs. Peace). I’m writing to offer the clinical justification to aid my decision to fit with a custom orthotics to Mrs., peace. Mrs. Peace has been diabetic which made her feet affected with pressure ulcers and other foot abnormalities so we had evaluated the situation and realized that she needed the right medical aid to help distribute pressure on her feet.

The examination happened on the 3rd of July 2009, so from our finding we needed to give an ankle-foot orthotic device to help with stability and prevent more pains. This orthotics device is important as it will increase stability while reducing severe pains that could also affect the musculotendinous areas of the feet. The necessary thing here is to help the feet move in the normal motion, and then the foot will be able to function in its right and mechanical form.

The bottom-line here is that this device will help to slow the rate of structural deformities in the foot for Mrs. Peace. At the end of the day we would have achieve both balance and comfort for her foot.

So she was casted on the 7th of July and the custom orthotics was ordered and delivered.

I will always be available for all your queries; you can contact me for all your questions

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dean


To get a quick payment from a health insurance company concerning a medical claim, it is sometimes necessary to attach a letter of necessity which will help the insurer to see the need for the medical treatment. Letter of necessity is always written by a health provider so one can be gotten from the doctor that made the prescription for a foot orthotics.

The above guideline will give a clue of how to write a perfect letter of medical necessity for foot orthotics and the samples can be used as templates.


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