Medical Necessity for Gym Membership

People that are having medical conditions that can be improved by physical exercises or activity can get reimbursement from a health care account.

But first, you need to prove that you are eligible for gym activities and you were referral by a qualified doctor. People that are living with hypertension, depression, diabetes  or obese etc. are more likely to be referred for gym activities which would need them getting gym membership.

So to achieve this, you would need to get a letter of necessity for gym membership from your personal doctor.

A letter of medical necessity for gym membership is a letter written by a physician to affirm the need of physical activity and that it is medically necessary. This will enable a patient be able to take part in a gym activities and get a gym membership. The letter will show that the activities in the gym are  treatments which can improve the patient medical condition. It will help to show that the bearer of the letter as been evaluated by a physician and the treatment will be a physical activity. In some cases the bearer of this letter can get a reimbursement from the healthcare flexible spending account for the gym membership fees.

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  A letter of medical necessity for gym membership is an official letter, which needs to be written professionally by a physician. It will state the reasons why a patients’ needs a physical activities which warrant a gym membership as a treatment. The tone of the letter must be formal and the content should be straight to the point. The features of a formal letter must be adopted; your letter should have a date, an address, salutation, the sub line, the introduction, the body and a conclusion. The letter must have some specific information which will make it authentic and credible. Basic Outline of a 

  • The patient name to specify who the letter is all about
  • The date of service, type of service that was done
  • State the amount for the gym membership
  • Medical Reasons for the gym membership
  • The duration of the treatment should be included
  • Benefits of the gym membership treatment.

Sample 1

12th April 2009

Urban Linty Gym

345 highway drive

Los Angeles, California

Dear William,

I, Dr Tessy Alfred of the America international hospital, I’m the physiatrist that evaluated Mrs. Maureen John. She approached the health center with extremely unsteady feet with a high level of debilitating arthritis. So from my observation I believe that she will need a good amount of physical activities that why she will be needing your gym membership.

I will be tailoring exercises that would enhance her recovery, so that you can help out and make it happen. She needs to exercise those parts so that it would aid in her movement. I will afterwards recommend some accredited physical therapy program for her but I believe the physical exercises in your gym will be a lot helpful. So please I will want you to ensure that she takes the exercise activities seriously and get it done properly as well.

The gym membership will be for about 8 weeks which I believe by then, she would have gain the most benefits from the exercise. I hope you keep motivating her to learn new skills and switch on the routines to avoid her getting bored. You can reach me for more enquires if you have the need to do so. I will always be available to answer all your questions.

Thank you for time and consideration

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tessy Alfred

Sample 2

4th June 2009

To whom it may concern,

Letter of medical necessity for gym membership

Mr. Grey Paul is my patient here in Apollo’s health care, Sacramento and I have been managing his health for about 9 months now.  I’m James peter a trained physical therapists and after our evaluation on Mr. Paul, I decided he takes a weight gym membership to get a personal training treatment. He registered with us on the 13th of June. He is obese and needs a weight loss programs. He has other myriads of illnesses like Arthritis, cardiovascular disease and hypertension which are side effect of carrying around so much weight so I’m prescribing a physical activity as part of his treatment because he needs to lose weight the health way through exercising.

 I’m by this letter affirming that he needs physical activities to lose some weight the healthy way so it is medically necessary for him. I’m very hopeful that by this physical treatment would be an improvement in his medical condition.

I have directed him to Graceland gym center, because the center does have personal trainers that would train him according to his needs. The exercises will be tailored to suit his personality. The amount to be reimbursed is about $100 as he has already started the physical activities two days back. The duration for the gym membership will be 8 weeks. He will be attaching the receipt to this letter for reimbursement and hopefully, you would do the needful

Thanks you for your time and understanding. Looking forward to a positive response, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any question concerning this treatment.

Yours sincerely,

James peter


Getting a health reimbursement is simple but there’s always the need for clarification. If you took a gym membership you would show that it was medically necessary to take that out. So the best bet will be to get a letter of medical necessity for gym membership from the medical personnel. The guideline above will guide one in writing an effective letter of medical necessity for gym membership. The samples have been written to give you the clue on how to format your letter; you would just need to pick one and input your original information and you would have gotten a perfect medical necessity letter.


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