Medical Necessity for Hospital Bed

When another hospital bed is needed for a patient, it behooves on the physician to state the clinical needs of the bed for the patient. The physician would have to points out how the bed needs of the patient aren’t met with the current bed in use.

It might be that the patient is in danger with the old bed or might just fall off if left there. So all these information must be detailed in a note so that those in charge might see the need to supply the said patient with a new hospital bed. So this is where this type of letter comes in. 

Basically, this letter states the reasons why a patient needs a new hospital bed. This letter is mostly written by a patient’s physician that sees a clinical need for a patient to use a new hospital bed as the old bed the patient is using isn’t meeting the clinical needs for the patient. The letter will explain to the recipient how the crib been used fails to protects the patient and the consequences that is bringing. The letter will also address the psychological effects the not too good bed will have on the patients. The letter will also address the model of bed that the patient will be fit the clinical needs of the patient.

Writing an effective letter of medical necessity for hospital bed will need you including very important information that will interest the recipient and show concrete reasons for the request. So the below information will need to be adopted when writing your letter.

The Contents of a Letter of Medical Necessity for Hospital Bed

  • Start by introducing the patient (name) and how long the person has been under your hospital care.
  • State the health condition in details and how the current made isn’t the best fit for him or her.
  • Mention how the current bed isn’t protective enough and the consequences or effects of that on the patient.
  • If it has psychological problems from it, then mention it in your letter.
  • List the model of the bed that will be a best fit for the patient and with all that the bed requires. Like the height, safety and the adjustability.

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Here are a few illustrations:

RE: James Dominic

DOB: 7/8/09

To Whom It May Concern,

James is a 10 years old boy and was diagnosed of cerebral palsy. James gets a physical activity therapy for about 60 minutes weekly at the Emerald gym for kids in urban Avenue. He has reduced muscle tone but with dynamic increases in extensor tone when excited. James has ROM and impaired strength, so he has limitation in physical ability. So as it is now we are working on his head and trunk control to get a good sitting balance. So for now he is able to roll from her tummy to the back same with rolling her back to her side.

James also moves around on the floor though in supine without the ability to control his direction. So for this direction he is still unable to have control over as such no safety awareness for him. So as it is, James is too big for a crib-style bed. This means that this traditional bed doesn’t adequately offer him safety and this can bring about injury for him if he falls off.

Due to his age and size and lack of being skilled in motor activities, he is very unsafe on his bed while sleeping. So I recommend that he should be given a new hospital bed at least a medium sized bed. A bed that offers a precision fit for him. so please consider this medical equipment for James as sleeping options is limited for him. Thanks for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Smith M.D

Sample 2

5th June 2019

RE: Benny Edwards

DOB: 4/7/08

TO Whom It May Concern

Edwards is a 7 years old female with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and has poor trunk and head control. Edwards is also plagued with low extremities and a reduced tone bones. With this health problem she is fully dependent on her caregivers for her mobility and transfers. Edwards is incontinent with bladder and bowel same with respiratory complications which made her to be subject to pneumonia and bronchitis. She has increased skin sensitivity and sometimes has seizures though this part we do resolved with medication.

With this entire health problem, Edwards need to have a safe sleeping bed to reduce the danger of entrapment or falling. With a good hospital bed it will facilitate safe breathing, feeling and sleeping for her. The truth is that is present bed is a toddler bed that is about 4 years old already. so it never meets his clinical bedding needs because Edwards has outgrown the bed now in both weight and size. Even with her inability to breathe well, she will need a bed that is a lot elevated to aid with her respiration

So I’m recommending a new safe bed for her to aid her sleep better on the bed without any entrapment or falls. With this new bed there will be no threat to harm and help her maintain a better posture. Thank you for your consideration as you would secure a good hospital bed for Edwards as it will help to enhance her overall quality of life.


To get a hospital bed that befits the clinical needs of a patient under your care will need you writing a letter of medical necessity for hospital bed. The recipient will want to know why the patient can’t continue to use the current bed and the letter of medical necessity will help explain the medical problems in details,

The above guidelines will help you to include all the information that makes your necessity letter very effective and efficient. The samples have been written so you can adopt any as a template to craft your letter to perfection.


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