Medical Office Manager Position

When it comes to your search for a medical office manager position, attaching a rich and convincing cover letter to your resume would do the magic. With your cover letter you wouldn’t only highlight your qualifications but you would  be able to reference the job requirements as listed on the job description.

Your cover will assist you with the opportunity to show the hiring team what a great fit you are for the job. So when searching for the role of a medical office manager you would need to write a cover letter to be able to sway the interest of the employer. You would be hired at the end of the day.

So a cover letter for medical office manager position is a letter of employment send from an applicant to the recipient seeking to be employed for the role. This letter will enable the applicant show the reader how a great asset he or she will be to the office of a medical office manager. It will assist to make the applicant noticeable by the employers; it would enable the hiring team to see how the applicant experiences and achievement has matched with what the job demands. It would be an opportunity for the applicant to get the attention of the employer as the cover letter will capture the uniqueness of the applicant.

Sample cover letter for medical office manager position is a formal letter as such only the professional format and tone should be adopted. You would need to adopt the formal format of writing so that you have the addresses of the parties, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. But then again, to craft your cover letter for medical office manager position to perfection and get it well-written, you would need to include all the necessary information that would interest your would-be employer. The information you should include in your cover letter should include the following:

  • The position applied for: Let your letter state explicitly the role you are asking to be employed for.
  • State where you got your information about the job from, even if it was a referral, state it in your letter
  • Outline your experience and qualification that is in consonance with the job description
  • Explain to the employer why you think you are the best fit for the job
  • Include how you intend to be a valuable worker to your employer
  • Thank them for their time to peruse your application and asked for an interview

Below are the Sample cover letters for medical office manager position

Sample 1:

Janet Noah


12th April, 2008

Dear Hiring Officer,

I’m glad to apply for the role of a medical office manager in Ahus medical center as advertised by you  in the dallies. I want you to know that I’m the right candidate for this job. As a result-oriented professional with about 9 years in the office management role, I know I can offer much more than expected from me on this role. I have gathered so much knowledge and skills over the years and I can’t wait to replicate same in Ahus medical center.

During my stay at harmony lab center, I was responsible for managing patient schedule, handling electronic health reports, answering phone calls and verifying patient forms. You can count on me when it comes to carrying out HCPC codes, managing receivable reports and collecting payments. I have seen from your job description that you are looking for a productive, result-oriented, fast-pace worker, I can offer you all that and a lot more. You wouldn’t regret employing me for this position.

Thank you for anticipation, I hope you would call me with my phone number above and we can do lunch together while interviewing me for the job.

Thanks once again for your time and patience.

Yours sincerely

Janet Noah

Sample 2

Sinclair Lawrence


12th May 2022

Dear Sir,

I just relocated from Dallas here so I have been job-hunting before I saw your job role on your job board and here is me applying for it via my resume and attached is my cover letter. i have been working as a medical manager for over 5 years in Dallas before moving over here. So I already know all that it takes to function in this role. I’m a graduate of business management but presently, pursuing my master’ degree in the same field.

Excelling in my job role as a medical office manager is second to none as I can bill and code as quickly as possible. I am good when it comes to drug sales representation, insurance company and pharmacies. I was privilege to work with a discipline that took me under his tutelage to give me all the skills and knowledge that I needed. I know for a fact that working with your company will make my experiences complement all that I stand for. But even with all this, I’m always open to learn new things so I’m a teachable person.

I’m looking forward to hear from you, as I believe you would find me worthy to take part in your interview stage. Do remember that I will be ready to give my all for the progress of this health center, so I await your calls. Thanks for your consideration and time, I really appreciate this already

Yours sincerely,

Sinclair Lawrence


The fact remains that crafting a strong and persuasive cover letter for a job role might just be what is needed to clinch a job. So it is pertinent to attach a convincing cover letter to your resume when you are seeking for a job. Having in place a cover letter for the medical office manager position can help you land the job. With the cover letter you would be able to open the eyes of the employer to your personality and abilities that will interest them. The guidelines are given already above; you just have to adopt them when writing your cover letter. You have the samples crafted above for you; you can use them as your templates.


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