Medical Technologist Position

A good application letter is a great tool when seeking for the role of a medical technologist. The application letter will help you to highlight your skills, qualifications and competence.

The truth remains that a well crafted application letter will always have the attention of the hiring team or employer as such you need to adopt it to your advantage. So if you need to sway the interest of the employer to your side as you seek for a role of a medical technologist, then you need to write a convincing application letter.

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So an application letter for medical technologist is a letter written to an employer or a hiring team for employment as a medical technologist. This letter will help the applicant to show the employer his or her unique personality and also qualifications. The letter will assist the applicant to show the employer why he or she is the best fit and how employing their service will add value to the medical facility.

With the application letter the candidate will be able to describe the relevant experience and skills acquired that will help in carrying out the duties. The fact is that, the more an employer have a deeper insight into one’s professional life as an applicant, the more the employer would be convince to employ the applicant as such might makes other candidate not be appealing to the employer.

The application letter for medical technologist is a formal letter as such you would need to adopt the features of a formal letter. You would need to start with the addresses of both applicant and the recipient, date your letter, have a subject line, salute the applicant, introduce yourself, have a body of the letter, conclude and signoff with your letter. To write an effective application letter that will interest the hire officer to move you to the next stage of the employment process, you would need to have the below information in your letter.

  • Write your letter to be in consonance with the job description of the role: This will help make you a good for for the job. The employer will see the need to call you up for the interview if your message matches their needs
  • Give personal information that is relevant to the job: You can state your specific achievements, skills and experiences. This will show how you intend to handle the role with your abilities
  • Don’t forget to leave your contact information in your letter, this is very important. You need to state how you can be reached as easy as possible.
  • Address the recipient and then go straight up to introduce yourself
  • Next, is to demonstrate how you are the best hands to be employed for the job: show how you can achieve measurable and positive result
  • Proofread your letter to delete all kind of grammatical errors and correct misspells words

Below are Sample application letters for medical technologist

Sample 1

Tate B. Maurice


4th August 2001

Application for the post of a medical technologist

Dear Mr. Williams,

Mildred Lawrence asked me to get in touch with you as there’s an opening for a medical technologist in your blood testing department. So this is my application letter for your perusal as I know I will be the right fit for the job. I have been working in this field for about 4 years now and I know that my knowledge and skills acquired over the years will be fit your team. I specifically have a flair for innovative laboratory equipment and blood testing.

During my years of working with Linus laboratory my daily routine included :

  • Taking and testing patient specimens and other testing protocols
  • Kept detailed reports of patient vitals
  • Keeping records of test results same with lab data

You can count on me when it comes to use of calibration and equipment use. I have always be awarded with honor of competence and skillfulness and I know that I will transfer all these to your facility. I hope you would find me worthy to be adopted into your employ.

Thanks for your time

Yours sincerely,

Tate B. Maurice

Sample 2

Peter Barnabas


Dear Dr. Henry,

I’m applying for the post of a medical technologist in your hospital. I saw your advertised role in the print media and I decided to apply. I want to assure you that you wouldn’t regret employing me as I have all that it takes to be an efficient technologist in your hospital. I have worked with the famous AB medical center as their senior medical technologist, Maryland  but I had to relocate to be with my family that is why I left my job.

I have the needed skills, passion and qualification to fit into this job role. I have an associate degree in medical lab technology, I have 6 years working experience and I am also a member of the American society for medical technologists. I’m efficient when it comes to collecting ad testing patients, keeping the health history of the patients; I’m effective with risk management and the maintenance of lab equipment. You wouldn’t need to worry about my consistency and timeliness when it comes to carrying out my duties.

I know you would be impressed with my duties as I will be dedicated to my role. I promise to only deliver excellence services. Please include me for the next stage of your employment, I will be glad to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Barnabas


There is always the opportunity of landing the kind of job you want, but it would not just land on your laps, you would need to go for it, by first crating a persuasive application letter that will catch the attention of the employer. To get a well detailed application letter for medical technologist, you would need to follow the above writing guideline. The samples have also be crafted, you would need to adopt any of them like your template.


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