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Sample Letter for Selling a Car

How to Write a Car Sales Letter (With Samples)

If you happen to be someone that understands that keeping records and future references of everything is very important you will not find it strange that people do write letters for selling cars as well.

Sample Letter for Wrongful Termination

How to Write a Response Letter for Wrongful Termination from Employment (With Samples)

The workplace comes with a lot of pressure which can bring misunderstanding with a boss or subordinates. It can also be direct or indirect misconduct that might be against the tenets of the workplace.

Sample Thank You Letter for Donation to Church

How to Write a Thank You Letter for Supporting the Church Financially (With Samples)

A church donation thank you letter is a way of showing appreciation to those who contribute to your ministry financially, either they are your congregation or not, it is always a good practice to send a thank-you note to church donors, this goes a long way to show that you recognize their effort and it also had numerous benefits.

 Sample Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Nursing School Student (With Samples)

What is a letter of recommendation for nursing school?

A letter of recommendation for nursing school is a written document by a former employer or an acquaintance to an individual seeking to be enrolled in a nursing school, nursing schools are always looking for the best candidates to be enrolled in their school, therefore a letter of recommendation, detailing the experience and qualities of a candidate is usually useful, both for the school as it will help them in admitting the best candidates, and likewise the student, as this will go a long way to boost their CV.

Sample of Complaint Letter against a Person with Unprofessional Behavior

How to write a Complaint Letter for Unprofessional Behavior ( With Samples)

What is a complaint letter?

A complaint letter is a letter which is written to express displeasure over an individual, action, or situation, a complaint letter against a person with unprofessional behavior is a letter of displeasure, against a person with unethical behavior in a professional organization, this letter is usually written to a higher authority, that is capable of addressing the complaint of the complainant

Sample Letter for Car Accident Insurance Claim

How to Write an Insurance Claim Letter for Car Crash

Letter for car accident insurance claim?

You are wondering right now. For most of us, especially the younger generation who are yet to own a property, not to talk of knowing what insurance is all about will find this post very strange and will even try to bypass it with the excuse that it is not for you but it shouldn’t be that way.

Sample Letter of Agreement for Consulting Services

A consulting service agreement letter is a written contract between a consultant and a client for services to be rendered by the consultant to the client.

Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Position

How to Write a Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Job

To land your dream job of an Administrative Assistant with a high- Profile Company needs you strategizing for the position. The truth is that there will be others perusing that same job, especially if the work has been publicized. To create the first impression which will enable the recruiter to notice you is to send an exceptional cover letter for the job.

Sample Letter of Consent to Travel with One Parent

How to Write a Consent Letter for Child to Travel with a Parent Alone

Traveling with a child on a trip shouldn’t be a hassle, provided consent was sought and obtained. There is a need to have a convicting note that no crime was committed with traveling with one parent.

Sample Letter of Interest for Insurance Credentialing

How to Write an Interest Letter For Insurance Credentialing

When seeking credentialing from an insurance company, it is pertinent to show interest the right way. The truth is that the insurance network is always loaded with providers almost all the time, but you can still get your wish granted.

Sample Modification of Child Support Letter

How to Write a Letter to Modify Child Support

For most people writing a child support increase letter is like having a big mountain to climb because of this stereotype most people do have about the courtroom and all. Am here to assure you that you have come to the right place by choosing to go through this post to know how to go about the writing, so right now, I would really love if you can try to take a chill pill, so you will be able to really assimilate all that is being written in this post to help you.

Sample Letter of Termination of Contract with Supplier

Sample Letter of Termination of Contract with Supplier – Here are some sample termination letters of contract with a supplier. You can edit them to suit your needs.

Sample Letter of Explanation to Mortgage Lender

How to Write a Letter of Explanation to Mortgage Company

During your application for a mortgage, there are documents that would be requested from you. You will be required to show to the lender documentation such as tax returns and debt statements. Typically, there are gaps in your documentation that could result in the loan being denied. Therefore, you must prepare a letter of explanation for clearing the gabs. The letter describes in detail and clears up the unfavorable situation that may prevent you from qualifying for a loan.

Sample Letter of Support for NonProfit Organization

Here are some letters of support for non-profit organization asking for support by way of cash donations from potential sponsors.

Sample Letter of Cancellation of Credit Card Transaction

How to Write a Letter to Cancel a Credit Transaction (With Free Samples)

It can be tasking having any urgent transaction to carry out with a financial firm, and wanting to close a credit account is no exception. Even when you had initiated a call for a close down of such an account, you continue to see your bank statement every month. The annoying thing is that these bank statements will come with some service charges or fees for inactivity on an account you are no more using. Well, the fact remains that these credit companies might not heed to close down instruction without the usually written documentation.

Sample Letter of Explanation for Derogatory Credit for Mortgage

How to Write a Letter to Explain Derogatory Credit for Mortgage (With Free Samples)

What are Derogatory Credits?

Derogatory credits are negative reports that appear on an individual credit profile, to indicate a bad credit history, this usually happens when the individual has previously defaulted in the payment of an obtained loan.

Sample Wedding Invitation Letter for Visa Application

How to Write a Wedding Invitation Letter for Visa Purposes (With Free Samples)

A wedding invitation letter for visitor visa application is a requirement when you are applying to visit a country to attend the wedding ceremony of a friend or loved one.

Sample Appeal Letter for Exam Results

These are sample appeal letter to request for exam results or to collect your result formats. They can also be used for missing exam or to retake an exam. You can edit these formats to suit your needs.

How to Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment (With Samples)

How to Write and Appeal Letter for Unemployment Compensation (With Free Samples)

When you want to write an unemployment appeal letter, there are some factors that must be found in the letter. They are: