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Admission for Master’s Program

Getting an admission into any higher institution for a master’s degree will need you applying to the school. Though each school has its various policies and procedures for admission, but having a letter for admission that would help you stand out will be your best bet.

Acknowledgement for Thesis

When you are completing your Thesis, it will be great of you to acknowledge all those that helped you in your research process. The acknowledgement for thesis is that section that you would pen your gratefulness to the institutions that helped you, companies or people and everyone that made your project a success. Acknowledgement here is just like the dedication section of a project, but for acknowledgement it would be a lot formal.

Appeal for College Readmission

If you were suspended from college due to misconduct, bad grades or you voluntarily left for reasons best known to you, you can try to get readmitted in future.

Demand for Transfer of Sponsorship

When it comes to working as an expatriate or an employee for any sponsor, by law one isn’t expected to work for another sponsor. But sometimes situations arise that you might need to transfer your sponsorship.

Chase Bank Line of Credit Line

The JPMorgan chase bank is one American National bank that is great with commercial banking. The bank has credit lines that help to finance and manage small businesses.

Request for Certified True Copy of Documents

Organizations and companies will always need a certified true copy of documents, because there’s always need to verify a primary copy of documents to ascertain its genuinity.

Commitment for State Sponsorship

When it comes to applying for an eligible state position or requesting for state sponsorship, the issuance of a statement of intent to work and stay in the state is very important.

Letter for Service Dog

Disabled people needs service dogs, because these are dogs that have been trained to help disabled people. This is why most countries labeled them helper animal or assistance animal.

Vacation Auto Reply Message

When it comes to taking a vacation, you would want a stress free one with no disturbances or distractions from anywhere. But the truth is that you might still be contacted by friends, colleagues or business partners.

Petition to University for Credit Hours

In the University the students do receive credit hours according to the number of contact hours the students spend studying in a week per course.

Business Line Of Credit Request

Businesses will always need a line of credit to either grow or expand. But the truth is that to get this line of credit either from a lending institution or company then, you have to show a positive cash flow in your business.

Community Service for Sorority

Joining a Sorority to carry out a specific community service will need a kind of recommendation. If you are looking for a specific sorority membership then you need a person from that sorority to support your application.

Complaint for Misleading Information

It is a worldwide problem when it comes to people disseminating misleading information. People will always give others wrong impression or idea about a thing in a bid to lead one astray.

Invitation for Singapore Business Visa

When it comes to getting a Singapore business visa, it will be mandatory to get a letter of invitation. This will help introduce you better to the consulate general for quick issuance. The invitation letter mostly should come from the resident of the country or the citizen.

Axis Bank Credit Card Rejection

Having an Axis bank credit card comes with great benefits and this is why it is good to have approval for the credit card. A credit card from Axis bank is a form of unsecured loan which is the source of funds that is urgently used without the stress of approval.

Air India Credit Card Authorization

The truth is that fraud can’t be eliminated from our every day dealings and airlines are also aware of this. So they try as much as they can to limit fraud or total elimination of it.

Invitation for Business Visa to Bangladesh

Getting a business visa to Bangladesh comes with its procedures which will include one having a signed passport, a photograph with a light background and a filled application.

Invitation for Visitor Visa for Parents for Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is a time that a couple would want a very close relative around. So a couple with parents living in a different part of the world would want their parents around.

Couple Invitation for Wife’s Sister and Family US Visa

Writing an invite letter as a couple for your in-law and their family to visit the United States is a good addition to the visa application. This letter is mostly allowed to be written by the legal permanent resident or citizen of USA.

Website Launch Announcement

Having an idea for starting a website might not be as exciting as when you want to launch it. This is because you are almost at the verge of unveiling your new innovation.

Sample Letter to Request Free Annual Credit Report

How to Write a Letter to Request Free Annual Credit Report (With Free Samples)

The federal law allows one free access to one’s credit report every 12 months or annually. Anyone can request for this report from the three major credit bureaus that are recognized. They are the TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Getting or having access to your credit report comes with enormous benefits like it will help you check your credit score and credit history, so with this you can ascertain effectively your present credit position. You would also be able to know and see as well what lenders would be seeing on your credit report. Again, you would be able to detect any incomplete information or inaccuracy in your report. So if you need to check your annual credit report, you would need to involve the credit bureau in writing and this is where you would adopt the letter to request a free annual credit report.

Dispute for Credit Card Chargeback

As a business that accepts a credit card transaction, you would be faced with issue of chargeback. There will some reverses of money that was transfer from the consumer’s bank account credit card.

Counter Offer for Insurance Settlement

A counter insurance settlement is imminent as insurance companies most times will not want to pay the stated amount demanded in a claim. This mostly occurs in an auto accident that involves a third party.

Appealing a Health Insurance Claim Denial

When you receive a hefty medical bill and write your health insurance company for payment you might get a denial from them. The truth remains that a big medical bill which might even be surprising to you isn’t your fault.

Health Insurance Company for Reimbursement

The truth is that there are health emergencies that would need you paying for the treatments before contacting your health insurance company.

Insurance Appeal for No Authorization

Insurance companies sometimes deny a health provider payment that there was no authorization for the services they had rendered to an insured.

Request for Financial Assistance for Scholarship

Education is becoming very expensive, this has made a lot of students in the universities or colleges be in huge debt. This is why it is becoming necessary to request for a scholarship either from the government or an individual.

Application for Tax Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

For the government in Nigeria to be able to provide social amenities to its citizens, then businesses and individual must pay tax. It is always the duty of citizens to help their government to realize their set objectives and one of the safest ways is payment of tax.

Recommendation for CNA Program

There is always a need to have a document that will help to strengthen your application when it comes to getting into a nursing school for a program.

Sponsorship for Mission Trip

When it comes to mission trip it comes with great benefits. going on a mission trip enable one learn to love like Jesus, make one put the faith to test as well as learning to serve others.