Recommendation for a Coach from a Parent

It is a good thing to help a child write a letter of recommendation for coaching job. It is one way of boosting the child’s coaching career. It will be a way of helping your child overcome the challenge of staying unemployed.

So if you are confronted with this task as a parent, then you need to take it up almost immediately. To get it right with the recommendation, you need to include the specialized elements that will aid drive your points. This post will furnish you with the right details to make your recommendation letter as effective as possible.

A letter of recommendation for a coach from a parent is a letter to authenticate that a child is a best fit for a coaching job role. The letter will aid the writer to show the reasons for the recommendation. It will help to convince the employer that the applicant will suit the job role perfectly. The letter will show the aspirations and qualities of the candidate. The parents will be able to outline the skills noticed, passion and the traits possessed that will interest the employers.

How to Write a write a letter of recommendation for a coach

Writing an effective letter of recommendation for a coach from a parent will need the writer to be positive and professional. You would need to use the right tone and be straight-forward with your submission. The letter should be on a formal note but be friendly as well. The most is that you would need to include the elements or information that will help sway the interest of the employers. Below are the guidelines to follow:

  1. Employ all the formal features of a formal letter when starting your letter: subject line, introduction, address etc
  2. Introduce the applicant in the first line of your letter, write the full name and position applied for. Mention as well the club. You can include your full-name, credentials and relationship
  3. Go ahead to highlight the credential of your child
  4. Next, is to describe the applicant’s qualities, this should be the applicant’s qualification, experience, skills and career highlights. You can also include the personal qualities and attributes of the applicant
  5. Bring your letter to a close with a respectful and professional manner. Don’t forget to ask that you be contacted. Then signed out with your name and signature.. All of this will enable the reader know you are sincere as a parent as well as professional too.
  6. Finally, edit your letter, check for errors and correct them accordingly

Below are the Sample letters of recommendation for a coach from a parent

Sample 1

12th June, 2009

Mrs. Anne Dickson

4567 fenland street, Houston


Subject: Recommendations for my child, Adams Dickson

I’m Mrs. Anne Dickson, one of the parents of Adams Dickson. I’m proud to recommend my son for a coaching position in your football club (Brighten Football club).

I have watched my son coached other teams for about 7 years now. He has held the position of a assistant coach for some outstanding clubs over the years. When I go with him on several occasions during some training session, the accolades from other coaches melt my heart concerning him.

Dickson just have the flair for coaching, as he has all its takes to be a coach. He has leadership skills, he is an active listener, he gives constructive feedback to his team and asks effective questions. You can count on him when it concerns building relationship and rapport and he is really intuitive. Having him as a coach in your football academy means you have an asset that will bring nothing but glory to the team

Dickson coaching experience will help him perform way better than anyone else. I’m confident that my son is the best ft for the job. He is a born teacher when it comes to the game of football as he teaches others the strategies of the game. I hope you would be convinced to try him out. Please reach out via my phone number above, if yu would ever need any information.

Best regards

Mrs.  Anne Dickson


Sample 2

Mr. Edwin Willy

5678 foster Avenue, Los Angeles

California, united states

12th July, 2009

Subject line: Recommendation coaching letter for Matt Willy

Dear Mr. Percy,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of my son, Matt Willy. He is applying to be a coach in Alpha aim sports academy which is owned by you. I am his father and a good fan of his. He made me be a good fan of football and I play for my local team now.

When I work with him, I see that he is a very smart coach that knows how to teach others the rules of the game. He gives the players the needed guide and strategies they need to win their games. And in most cases does happen as predicted by me. He is an asset and I tell you, you wouldn’t regret having him in your academy for any reasons. He has the right coaching skills as he exude extra-ordinary leadership to lead others to success.

He has been trained by the best coaches herein and has played for different clubs for the past 7 years. He has been an inspiration to new players and contributed to the wins by a lot of old players. So if you are looking for a coach that knows his onion then picking Willy will be your best bet.

I want you to try out Willy, and see how he will drive your team to success. He is not only effective but effective as well. You can reach me on my email: Thanks for the opportunity already.

Best wishes

Mr. Edwin Willy.


If you have a child that you have confident of the skills and drives possessed for a coaching job, then you can recommend the child for a coaching job. This will help you show support for your child’s career and passion. The recommendation letter is to help invalidate your child’s claims in the application letter so you need to give a positive income. The guidelines have been stated above you would need to follow that to write a recommendation that will produce a positive result.


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