Recommendation for Executive Assistant

Anyone in a position of authority can accelerate another’s employment opportunity by writing a letter of recommendation. So writing a letter of recommendation for executive assistant position for a past employee, friend or colleague is no exception.

The recommendation letter for the role will help propel the candidate’s rate of clinching the role faster. So if you are faced with helping one out with a recommendation for this job role, then you just need to employ the elements that will make the letter effective.

So a letter of recommendation for executive assistant is a invalidated letter to support an applicant claims for a role of an executive assistant. The letter will elaborate on the applicant’s work style, ethics and attitude to work which will be a positive one. The recommendation will authenticate the claims of the resume and also give more intricate ways of the applicant history. The letter will also endorse the skills of the applicant for the role of an executive assistant.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for the position of an Executive Assistant

Writing a letter of recommendation for executive assistant needs one having the essential elements in place to make it as effective as possible. You would need to have the context right, have some specific information on it, show your connection and also your endorsement. So it is good to know the right information to adopt by following the right format. The guidelines below should be used to draft the letter of recommendation to be exact as needed.

  1. So start the letter by putting now your personal details: like your name, contact address and phone number if any. This will easy for contact if need be
  2. Then, try to explain in the letter your relationship with the applicant. The hiring team will want to know how deep you know the applicant. This will be deduced from your connection
  3. Then state the applicant’s professional background: this will include the applicant qualification and certification.
  4. Outline the applicant’s job abilities, accomplishments and related skills. Let them be in consonance with the job description
  5. Conclude your recommendation letter that you should be contacted for further information. Thank the employer for the consideration. Then go ahead to sign and write your name.

Below are the sample letters of recommendation for executive assistant

Sample 1

Sonia Hosea

457 Maine Avenue Street

South Carolina

12th May 2021

Subject line: A recommendation letter for Ms May Peters

Dear Gibson,

I’m pleased to recommend May Peters for executive Assistant job role at Longrich Tech. I’m Sonia Hosea an executive Manager at Northeast Tech, where I have worked for the past years. As I began work with Longrich Tech I was amazed with his jobs. She has been doing amazing job and only do impressive job  only. When it comes to one that is dedicated, determined, meticulous and supportive then you can only count on Peters

I’m proud to recommend May Peters as she is a team player, a passionate young professional and a high achiever. The fact is that Peters has got great potential to grow in an executive role. You just have to believe me that Peters has a lot of skills and talents to naturally handle this role. I have had very memorable moments with Peters as she made the company proud with her execution of jobs. Peters is one person that can easily acclimatize with any working environment.

I can assure you that you wouldn’t regret having her in your work force as the executive assistant. I’m sure she will replicate all the good jobs done here over there. I have the belief that Peters will be the right candidate for this job. I know that this recommendation might not do the justice desired by you. You can contact me for more enquiries. I will always be available to oblige.

All the best

Sonia Hosea, executive Manager at Northeast Tech,

Sample 2

4th January, 2020

To whom it may concern

This recommendation letter is written on behalf of Linda Pams for a post of an executive Assistant in your company. I have been the supervisor of Ms Pams for the past 6 years as she worked in the Top-tree firm. She has been a dedicated administration staff and has natural flair for the job. So hearing about wanting to take her career a notch higher in your establishment as an executive assistant, I had no choice than to recommend her. She is one hell of a hard worker. she is unbeatable when it comes to having the drive, passion, dedication and determination for a job.

Though she joined the Top-tree firm as an intern, but rose quickly in the radar to become an administrative staff. It shows her dexterity, skillfulness and smartness when it comes to her role. You can count on her with it comes to flexibility on the job. I so believe in her ability that taking on a new job would not slow her down. You should be rest assured that you would be having a great tool in your hands if you give Pams the needed chance. I hope you would consider my request and give her the opportunity to show how the job can be properly done. I wish her the best as she takes on the new job opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Grover Lawrence

Manager, Top-tree firm


If you are asked to help write a recommendation for the role of an executive assistant, You would have no issues doing so. The guidelines given above are to help you draft your letter excellently as you include all the information needed. The aim is to help convince the hiring team to see reasons why the applicant should be employed. You just need to adopt a positive and professional tone to write your letter perfectly to achieve the end result. The outlined format above can help achieved that, you just have to follow it.

The samples have been written as well, all you need do is to use any of it as your template. Input your original information and you would have gotten your well-written letter already.


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