Recommendation for Firefighter

The fire service department is always in need of courageous people. They need people that wouldn’t mind putting themselves in harm’s way for others. So the department doesn’t just need people but unique people that are physically and mentally prepared for the task.

recommendation letter for firefighterThey are a lot of people that are always ready for this role, but if you want to sway the attention of the employers to your side then you would need to accompany your application with a recommendation letter. The truth is that a recommendation letter wouldn’t just get you noticed; it will help you jump-start your career as a newbie.

A letter of recommendation for firefighter is a corroborated letter written on behalf of an applicant for a firefighter role. This letter can be written by one in authority in a fire service department or a previous boss. The letter will confirm or authenticate the candidate claims in the application letter. The writer will attest to the truth in the candidate’s application that he or she is the best fit for the job. The letter will help to create a valuable endorsement for the applicant.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Firefighter

Writing an excellent letter of recommendation for firefighter position should be convincing and persuasive in nature. You would need to have a professional tone and supply all the information that will help sway the employers. The below format should be adopted for writing a perfect letter of recommendation for firefighter.

  • Start with writing your personal details with that of the recipient at the top of the letter
  • Then add a subject line to the recommendation letter
  • Now, have an introductory paragraph by writing your relationship with the candidate
  • Then describe the applicant traits and abilities
  • Go ahead to write about the applicant’s qualification and how fit he or she for the job description
  • If possible write what set the candidates apart from other applicants
  • Then proofread your work, correct al spelling errors and grammatical errors before submitting
  • Don’t forget to type your letter with font 12.

Examples of a Letter of Recommendation for Firefighter

Sample 1


Raymond Tommy

457 pearl Top, Austin


12th August, 2003

Brad Pitt

Down-town fire service

Austin, United States

Subject: Firefighter recommendations letter

Dear Sir,

This letter is coming your way as a recommendation letter for Williams Kelly. Kelly is a firefighter that has done incredibly well in the past 4 years. He was working with the southeastern fire department. As his direct boss then, I didn’t see any other person with his level of skillful teamwork, dedication, patience and hard work. He was always very brave when confronted with medical emergency or fire. I am confident that Kelly will make a good asset in your fire department.

Kelly is already a holder of paramedic certificate and about years experience in emergency control. He can effectively handle fire burn victims before the arrival of professionals. He is done with the candidate physical ability test so you can see you have an asset in your department. So without any doubt of his abilities  I recommend him for a spot in your fire department. I’m sure he will be the perfect fit for your job. You can count on my words that you wouldn’t ever regret employing him

If you need get across to me for further information, then you can call with my number listed above. Thanks for our cooperation. I hope you would him Kelly a chance.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Tommy

Sample 2

Martin Peters

6789 Toms lee Avenue

California, United states

23rd April, 2009

Yuan Basil

Fire chief, urban fire service


Subject: Recommendation for firefighter

Dear Basil,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Jerry King who has worked tirelessly for the past 4 years here. He was in the volunteer fire department as Emergency response officer and he did his job to the very best. In my past years as a firefighter I have never witness one that shows bravery as Basil even in the face of huge danger. He has always been courageous, brave, skillful and determined. So I highly recommend him that he can do the best when it comes to fighting fire and rescuing people.

King is highly motivational; he was recently awarded the best rescuer when it comes to emergency. He singly handedly brought out 12 young boys from a home that they were trapped in when a fire incident occurred. So if you are looking for a firefighter with dexterity, agility, finesse and slickness then Basil should be your best bet. He has mastered the skills when it comes to emergency medical treatment and can people emergency on stability before conveying to a facility.

King has an EMTP paramedic certification as such has good amount of experience when it comes to rescuing victims from fire. So it is my wish that he be given the chance to replicate all these features in your fire department. So grant him a spot in your service and you wouldn’t regret having him in your team. I can assure you that he is the kind of firefighter that your dept needs. If you have the need to ask more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach me on 678-987-434.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Peters

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The Fire Departments always need workers that are dedicated, have uncommon courage, tolerant and communicate well. If you have all these then you can apply when there’s a vacancy. But as a newbie, you can kick start your career if you get a recommendation letter from an authority that will be recognized. The writer would need to be convincing enough to get you the job. To achieve this, following the above writing format will help.

The writer needs to include all the information that will interest the hiring team and sway their attention to you. The above information should be followed as well. The samples can be used as your templates. You can choose any to use for your recommendation letter.


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