Recommendation for Apprenticeship Enrollment

If you have a friend, an employee or a co-worker that you believe should learn a skill, then you can help recommend them. Some apprenticeship training program need recommended apprentices that really need the training they offered. You would be in better position to recommend the candidate, as it is believe that you know the strength and abilities of your recommended person.

 Though you have different means of contacting the organizers but it will be best you write. Writing is a good way of passing a message in a more concise and clear manner. At this point, you would only need to write a letter of recommendation of apprenticeship.

So a letter of recommendation of apprenticeship is an approval letter written on behalf of another to enroll in a program as an apprentice.  It can be described as a document that supports a candidate’s application to enroll in apprenticeship training. This will help show to the recipient how qualified the applicant is for the training program

The letter is to first alert the reader that one need to enroll in their apprenticeship training program. It will give the writer the opportunity of tailoring the message to suit the specific programming which he or she is doing the recommendation. The recommendation will help sway the attention of the reader to see reasons why the applicant should be accepted. The writer will be able to make the reader know the applicant abilities and skills to give the apprentice an opportunity.

How to Write an Apprenticeship Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation of apprenticeship is a formal letter that needs a professional tone. You would need to employ the entire formal letter format in your letter. The letter should be informative and concise enough. You are trying to get the attention of the recipient, so you would need to be convincing in your message. Aside writing the letter in a formal manner, you would need to include the appropriate information that will interest the reader. The following details would be needed in your letter.

  1. Include your personal contact details and that of the recommended person
  2. Make the introduction of the letter by stating the purpose of the letter and the relationship with the applicant.
  3. Then highlight the recommended person’s abilities and strengths
  4. Include the information about the applicant’s character and experience
  5. State how the applicant has shown their commitment to learning new skills
  6. Also state how dedicated the applicant is to hard work
  7. Lastly, describe the qualities that make the applicant a good fit for the apprenticeship program.

Sample Apprenticeship Letters of Recommendation

Sample 1

William Alfred

6789 Wilberforce Street,


12th August, 2022

To whom it may concern

I’m William Alfred, An employer of Mary Emma. I am writing to recommend Mary Emma for an enrolment into your apprenticeship training program. Emma has been my employee for about 4 years now and I know her abilities and skills need to be enhanced for better output. During this period of years Emma has shown a great deal of commitment in technical skills and commitment to learn more.

Immediately, I heard about your apprenticeship training, I know it world do her a world of good to get the training. I know your training will help her to expand her knowledge and abilities. This is one hardworking and reliable employee and the least I can do is to push her to an enviable height in her career. I know they are others needing this training but Emma need it most as she will commitment to all the studies and training routines.

I am sure that you find Emma a good addition to the apprenticeship program. You can count on her when it comes to concentrating and focusing on the cores of the training. So I will request that you give her the needed opportunity to excel with this training. I know the sky wouldn’t be the limit for her after your vigorous training. I will be on ground to answer all your questions if need be. Please grant her request and have a good day.

Best regards

William Alfred.

Sample 2

Maria Vincent


12th July, 2021

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this recommendation on behalf of my cousin, Ms Dominica Vincent. I know she has already submitted an application for your apprenticeship training so this letter is to support that. Ms Vincent has been one that has high interest in trade, that is why she been with me in my multipurpose business. She has been receiving tutorials under me for about 12 months now and from my experience she needs more knowledge.

I know that your apprenticeship training that is gear towards business growth will be of great benefit to her. So please I’m recommending her because she has the experience and flair already. What she needs is training on how to broaden her horizon and sharpen her mind which your training will offer. Vincent is very hardworking and always serious with her tasks. So I’m sure she will exhibit same during her training with you.

She has always been looking for ways to increase her knowledge and improves her skills. I have the confidence that your training will provide that. She will want to perfect her skills and learn new skills. I am sure that all of these will help give the applicant a better learning experience for the future. If you need more information, you can use any of my contact information above

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration. I look forward to a positive feedback from you.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Vincent


It will be great of you to provide a recommendation for a support of an application of one that needs an apprenticeship program. All you need do is to tailor your letter to meet the purpose of your letter. You would achieve this by in-calculating into your letter all the necessary information that will interest the recipient.

The above information should be supplied when writing your letter. You can use the samples above as your templates. All you need do is to substitute your original information into the samples and you would have gotten a well-written letter.


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