Recommendation for Dental Assistant

It will be a great support for one’s dental assistant application to be attached a recommendation. The fact is that job search comes with a lot of contenders for the job. To get the validation you need for the job, submitting a recommendation letter will help.

dental assistant recommendation

It will help endorse your ability to satisfy the work requirements successfully. So if you want to sway the interest of the employer to pay attention to your application, then getting a letter of recommendation for Dental assistant is important

So letter of recommendation for dental assistant is a validation letter written on behalf of an applicant to an employer for a dental assistant role. The letter of recommendation can be written by a licensed dentist, a co-worker or a patient. This letter is written to support the application which would give more information about the applicant.

 It will help endorse that the applicant can fulfill the job requirements. The letter will help to authenticate the candidate’s qualifications for the job. It will help the employers see reasons why the applicant should be employed. It will confirm that the applicant have all that its takes to do the job. This is a vital document that can help one get a job role so it should be written alongside an application.

Writing a perfect letter of recommendation for dental assistant needs you using a formal tone. This is an official letter that can be used to influence the decision of an employer. To excellently persuade the hirer to look your way, the right information must be stated. The below information should be outlined in the letter

  1. Start with writing your contact information, this will help for quick contact if need be
  2. Then go ahead and state your relationship with the applicant. The employer will want to know your depth of knowing the applicant
  3. Then state the professional background of the applicant i.e the applicant credentials, skills and experience
  4. Now is to show how professional the applicant can be with dental care. Discuss their abilities and creativity. You would need to use this chance to connect the applicant’s qualifications with the job description
  5. State the applicant’s dental care abilities and why you think the person is the best fit for your job
  6. If possible add other additional skills that the applicant has that is related to dental assistant role
  7. Then bring the letter to a close with an official endorsement of the applicant. Let the employer know you have faith in the abilities of the candidate you are recommending.

Sample 1

Ernest Wally


12th July, 2009

Dear Sir,

It is with great confidence I’m sending to you this recommendation letter. I’m writing this letter to recommend Ms Sonia Paul for the job of a dental assistance in your health facility. I have been her lecturer in the dental health school for about 5 years, so I know of her abilities and qualification in the field of dental services. So I ‘m confident that she will give the best dental service to the patient in her care

Sonia Paul have all the necessary skills you would need for dental care services like leadership skills, fine motor skill, medical diagnosis, empathy, manual dexterity, team work and patience. She graduated with top grades in Dentistry and has been in practice in dental care service for 2 years now.

You can also count on Paul if you are looking for efficient hands, as she is effective with administrative jobs as well. So I highly recommend her for the role that you seek. I know you would enjoy her services and even more. Please be in contact with me anytime you would need to get across for more information. I know you would find her worthy enough if you employ her.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours sincerely

Ernest Wally (Lecturer 11)

Sample 2

Maria Felix


3rd January 2020

Dear Sir,

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation letter to bring to your notice James Golden. He is applying for the role of of a dental assistance in your employ. Golden has been with my practice for 4 years now and I will not fail to write that he was a great tool. But unfortunately, he has to relocate to start a family life with his spouse in New York.

Immediately, he called to asked I write a recommendation for him, I obliged almost immediately because I know he is worthy of any dental employment. Golden has an associate degree in dentistry and other related certifications. He is really skilful when it comes to dental care, so I hopeful that you wouldn’t be disappointed with his service. One outstanding thing about Golden is the sense of initiative. He does his duties just the way he should and pays attention to detail. So you should be rest assured to get the best from him. Golden pays attention to core tenets of the job and give each patient the special care they deserved.

Again, Golden is good with other administrative jobs, you can count on him with all your goals and aspiration for your clinic. He is also good with record management and accountability. So for all these mentioned attributes I recommend him once again for this job. I believe you would give him this job. I know too well that he is reliable, highly skilled and dedicated. Just try him out

Best wishes

Maria Felix

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To quickly get a job role of a dental assistant, it will be note-worthy to get a recommendation from a licensed dentist or any qualified person. This will help make your application letter more outstanding amongst other contenders. It will show that you are a better fit since a professional is recommending you. The professional just need to input information that will interest the employers. It shouldn’t just be about your qualifications but other related things that would make you unique.

The right format and information to be adopted as been outlined above, you can follow the guidelines when writing a recommendation of this nature. You just need to include information that will convince the employer. The samples have been drafted above; you can use any as your template.


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