Recommendation for Housekeeper

If you are confronted to write a recommendation letter for a housekeeper, then you should endorse the applicant strength. The new employer will want an approval from someone that has been in contact with the housekeeper.

So your letter must be convincing enough if you want to grab the attention of the Boss. The best bet here will be to explain to the new employer, why your recommended person is the best for the job.

So a letter of recommendation for housekeeper is an endorsement letter written on behalf of another seeking a housekeeping job. This letter will help to increase the chances of the applicant clinching the job. The recommendation letter will elaborate more on the skills, strength and the flairs of the candidate for the house-keeping job. It will show that the applicant is suitable for the job which maybe through experience or skills acquired. With a recommendation letter, the candidate comes highly approved by another for the job. All these will help to make the candidate to be considered for the role.

How to write a recommendation letter for a housekeeping position

Letter of recommendation for housekeeper is a formal letter and as such only professional tone should be employed. The formal letter features or elements should be adopted when writing this letter. You would need to have the addresses, date, introduction, body of the letter and the conclusion.  To make the letter a lot convincing you would need to have in your letter information that will interest the hiring team. The following information should be included in your letter

  • Have a subject line to depict what your letter is about
  • State your source of information. Start by introducing yourself and that’s of the applicant. Don’t forget to include your relationship with the applicant
  • Next, is to mention the applicant professional ethics and years of experience on the job
  • Outline the skills and talents of the applicant same with qualification
  • State why your applicant is the best suited for the job
  • Conclude your letter and sign off

Below are the sample letters of recommendations for housekeeper.

Sample 1


Abel Gad


12th JUNE 2019


AZX international company

4568 Bandana Street, Los Angeles


Subject line: Recommendation letter for a housekeeper

Dear Ms Paul,

My former employee approached me that you are looking for a housekeeper in your home. She asked I do a recommendation letter for her. Here I obliging by recommending Ms Rosa Williams to you. I, Mrs. Basil was her former employer but she just left to join her spouse after getting married here.

Williams is a hard worker and a method housekeeper. She served me so well that when she left I felt the vacuum. I have never felt this empty with a house keeper as I’m feeling it now. It shows that she was a good one and I know she can replicate same with your household.

Williams is good as she has familiarized herself with all the housekeeping rules. You can count on her skills when it comes to washing, cleaning and keeping the home very neat. She has specifically undergone some housekeeping trainings and have grab the policies to keep things tight. Even before she left she was in charge of supervising and assisting the new housekeepers that were brought in

Rosa Williams has a good work ethic, leadership skills and organizational skills. You should be rest assured that you would be working with one of high loyalty and values. Your home will be just the way you need it because Williams pay attention to all details. I recommend her because she has all that it takes to be a housekeeper. I hope you would consider her for this work.

Thanks in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Abel Gad

Sample 2

Prince Amy




Amoco Top-feed stores

6578 unicorn street, South Carolina

Subject: letter of recommendation for house keeper

Dear Mrs. Dare,

I got the message from your colleague that you are seeking a staff for housekeeping role. So I’m using this opportunity to recommend Ms Becky Dan. I’m the aunt and I know my little niece will give you a perfect job all day.

Becky is one methodical housekeeper that has been doing the housekeeping job for years now. Her skills on the job are unbeatable. She has been well-trained for the job and have over 6 years experience on the job. So I here conforming that she will be an asset to your company as well as a good hand on the job

One outstanding thing about Becky is that she has acquainted herself with all that housekeeping job needs. So you can trust her with all the tools and materials of cleaning and keeping the place very neat. She has leadership qualities which have helped her be able to supervise others and help perform their duties perfectly. You can count on her flair for the job; she does it to the best of her abilities.

I know that she is the best hands for your job as I endorse her.  she has all that it takes to be a good housekeeper. You need to try her out by considering her for the job; you would be getting the best off the job. Thanks for your consideration; I hope you would give her the opportunity to serve you.

Yours sincerely,

Prince Amy


Writing a housekeeping recommendation will need you highlighting more of the strength of the applicant to the employers. Doing this will show the employers reasons why the applicant should be employed. You would do this by including in your letter information that will interest the employers. The above guideline is outlined as a guide to you; you should adopt them to get all the information into your letter.

The samples of also been written to aid you see how you can draft your letter to perfection. What you need do is to follow the format; better still input our original information into it. By doing that you would have gotten your letter crafted out already.


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