Sample Recommendation Letter for University Application

Sample Recommendation Letter for University Application

Students that are applying for admission into college need some recommendations by people in authority to help push their University application. So if you are one of the academic references then you can help out by drafting an effective recommendation to aid quick acceptance into the choice school of the student.

The recommendation letter will highlight the attributes and skills of the student and give the intended school an insight into why your recommended candidate is qualified for admission.

A recommendation letter for University application is, therefore, a document or letter that outlines a candidate academic achievements, goals, and character to a specified to ascertain why the student is highly qualified for admission. This letter can be written by a teacher, school administrator, counselor, coach or an organizer. This letter is used to suggest how a would-be student will fit into the new school when admitted.

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The good thing is that a letter of recommendation can be used in the interim to supplement a candidate’s transcript. This is in a bid to help the school know more about the potential student. A student can get a general recommendation letter that can be used for different school admission but if it needs to be addressed to a specific person then a particular recommendation letter is suggested.

Drafting a recommendation is straightforward, it about going straight to the point and being brief about it. It shouldn’t be excessively long to avoid unnecessary details or too short not to cover the needed details. For a recommendation letter for University application to be effective, it must have the following information

The letter must be addressed

There should be information about the recipient of the letter. For school admission, the letter should be address to the admission director or To Whom It May Concern can suffice

Short introduction

Starting the letter will need you to introduce yourself to the recipient, explain your connection or relationship with the student. Include the duration of time you have known the student and your purpose of writing. All of these is to help the school know you know the students and they will trust the recommendation

State the qualifications of the student

The would-be school will like to know the student’s academic previous abilities. So you should include all the student’s achievements. You can discuss the student’s extracurricular activities, the awards and recognitions if any, state the academic specialties (subjects that the student is so passionate about). This will give the new school a clue about the program that the student will be good at doing.

State the skills and character

You would need to include the student high skills that make him or her more outstanding

Endorse the student

You would have to end the letter by endorsing the student for the school admission and finally, include your contact details in case you might be needed for further discussion or explanation by the university.

Use professional tone

This is an official letter and as such you need to be professional with it

Below are sample letters of recommendation for university application

To whom it may concern

My name is Brian Scott and I am Maria’s academic advisor. I have had the privileged of working closely with Maria Bach for the past 4 years as she pursues her undergraduate studies in psychology. I recommend Maria without doubt and with all amount of confidence that she will make a wonderful addition to your school.

From the very first day I met her in my ideology course, she has impressed me with her sound analysis and knowledge. She takes part in all discussions and performed uniquely well. Even the headteacher was so impressed with her leadership skills that she was made the Principal student for the school. I have watched her care for injured people with emotion and compassion. She understands the psyche of broken people and looks out to help them feel better.

She ranks in the 10% outstanding student academically in our school. You can’t doubt her skills and character because of her sterling qualities. I’m almost certain that she will be a great asset to your school

I will be more than willing to discuss Maria’s character and skills with you. You can give me a call on 546-768-324
Yours sincerely,
Brain Scott
Academic advisor

Sample 2

Dear Mr. Smith

My name is timothy brown and I am Melvin mathematics teacher at Trinity rock high school. It has been a pleasure teaching Melvin Tom for the past 5 years and I’m here to recommend him for the undergraduate program at James clever University. It has been a jolly ride working with a talented student like Melvin. I have watched him excel in her different subjects here.

Melvin is like a tutor to other students as he helped out whenever they have difficulties with their studies. She singlehanded help other students perform better in mathematics. She goes as far as offering her tutoring help to even students in lower classes. He is the brightest of them all and come tops almost all terms including carting away numerous awards at any award-giving ceremony of the school.

Your university admission is all about teaching others to help and this is what Melvin knows how to do best, therefore, I’m more than sure that Melvin will make your school proud if given the chance of being a student. I hope my recommendation will be given the positive response it deserves.
If you would like to contact me for any reason then here are my details: phone number 123-654-987 and email:
Yours sincerely,
Timothy brown
Mathematics teacher
Trinity rock high school


Here you have all the information you needed to know about writing a recommendation letter for a University application. You just have to follow the above guideline and format to write an effective letter. It is a formal letter and as such, you would need to use the formal tone to get it right. Just change the narrative to suit your message.


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