Reimbursement for Wife Delivery Medical Expenses

Leading organizations and companies nationwide always facilitate different compensations and benefits for their staff. These are perks that come with good jobs and the employees sign these terms as official contract that will be binding on the employer.

One of the compensation from an employer is always a medical insurance. But if an employer has not put this in place then an employee can request for reimbursement of medical fees from the employer or company. So to formally alert the company for a compensation for your wife delivery medical expenses will need you writing a reimbursement letter.

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So a letter for reimbursement of wife delivery medical expenses is a letter to an employer or company asking for a refund of employee wife delivery medical bills. This letter will bring to the notice of the employer the need to pay for an employee wife delivery expenses. It will enable the company to know how much the writer is requesting for. Again, it will enable the employer or company to fulfill their own part of the bargain if it was part of the terms of employment. The letter will help explain to the company or employer details of expenses to show how authentic the expenses are.

The letter for reimbursement of wife delivery medical expenses is a formal letter as such the tone should be both formal and polite though it is one’s entitlement. You would need to have addresses, date, introduction, body of the letter, conclusion and signing out officially. To get the reimbursement letter rightly crafted you need to use the below format.

Basic Outlines 

  • Start your letter with an introduction: let the recipient have a clue of your message at a glance
  • Don’t be beggary with your letter, since it isn’t appreciated in a healthy working environment, just write as if you are requesting for your right
  • Go ahead to mention your contractual right of claiming medical insurance for your family
  • State your wife delivery date and the cost that you were asked to pay for things
  • Write the total amount you had spend with a corresponding expenses to show the realness of your claim
  • Don’t forget to enclose in your letter all the invoices, these will be your supporting documents


Sample 1

Mr. Felix Jim

Jenrette international company

456 kakan street, South Carolina

4th May 2004

Subject: reimbursement of wife’s delivery

Dear Sir,

I, Gregory Abraham from the research and evaluation department is your staff from the last 4 years.. The terms on my contract confer on me the right to claim reimbursement for my family’s medical expenses. So I believe this is the right time to ask for the reimbursement.

My wife gave birth to my baby some days back on the 3rd July 2004 at the Remmyton hospital, South Carolina. The fact is that there were complications during the labor period so she had to undergo a c-section because my baby was also in a critical condition. At this point, the mother and baby was in critical condition that needed intensive care and all of these took a huge financial toll on me since I couldn’t get beforehand my medical insurance benefits.

So I will like to get a refund of my expenses as it is contained in my contracts. So please I need you to approve my application and reimburse me as early as possible. So I have also attached to this letter all the invoices for the different medical bills

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Abraham

Sample 2


Mr. Friday

56, Hakim street, Los Angeles


23RD August 2009


The HR Manager

TYB Bank


SUB: reimbursement for wife’s delivery

Dear Sir,

I, Lawrence Paul am working as a receptionist with TYB bank from the last 6 years. So according to my employment terms I’m entitled to a reimbursement of a medical bill of my family. So my wife gave birth on the 5th of July 2009 at treaded hospital Los Angeles. Due to the medical complications that my wife was undergoing at that time, the doctor suggested a c-section so that my baby could be delivered safely which carrued was immediately out. So after the surgery, the baby and my wife had to be moved to the ICU for more professional help. All of these made the medical bills to be over the top

So I’m bringing to your notice all that transpired that brought about the high amount as you would be seeing in the attached invoices. So according to my terms of employment here, I can ask for a medical reimbursement for medical bills incurred by my family. Therefore, I’m requesting for a reimbursement of my wife delivery medical expenses and I hope the funds will be released at the earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Paul


If your contract terms of your employment included a reimbursement of medical bill amount for you and your family then you should make use of it when the need arises. The fact is that a good company will always have medical insurance and other benefits for their staff. So if you want to take advantage of this provision then you would need to submit an official letter that would enable the company do the needful. To make the letter has efficient as possible, you would need to include in your letter all the information that will make your information as genuine as possible.

The guideline stated above would help you input all the right information you should input in your reimbursement letter. Have a formal tone in your letter but be courteous as well, even if it is your right. The sample letters have been crafted for you, you can use any of them as your template, it will help you write your own letter for reimbursement of wife delivery medical expenses just the way you should.


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