Request for Storage Space

If you are looking to store your goods or household items somewhere for future use, then you need a storage space. Storage space is important as it will help preserve products and keep them in good condition till needed.

There are different ways by which you can request for a storage space but putting the request in black and white works better. It will enable the recipient to understand the request a lot better. So to get the right person informed, you would need to write a letter of request for storage space.

Therefore, a letter of request for storage space is a letter of plea for a storage space to a recipient. The letter will first alert the recipient that a storage space is needed. The letter will give the recipient information about the requester and purpose for the storage space. It will help to inform the reader about other information like the time and duration of use. The letter will serve as evidence for the contract in case any damages come up. This is an appropriate channel to use, as the explanation of use will be clearer to the recipient. The receiver of the letter will see the reasons to give a positive respond which was the wish of the sender.

The letter of request for storage space is a formal letter but it should be written in friendly tone as it is a plea. You would be objective and straightforward in your letter. You would also need to be informative in the letter, as you want the reader to see reasons with you. So aside employing the formal elements of writing, you need to include the right details. The details is what the reader will be more interested in. so include the below information in your letter.

  1. State the date, your dept, your name as the requisitioner and phone number
  2. State the purpose of your letter and mention the need for the storage space ; This is the most important information. The reason must align with the purpose of the storage space for the recipient to give a positive response
  3. Mention the items or products you need the space for: the recipient would want to know the items you intend to store in the storage space
  4. Mention the duration for the storage: state the period you would need the space for  
  5. State when you would starting the storage and if there’s any likely time to end
  6. Ask for a feedback to be sure of approval as early as possible: This will enable you to know whether for a new storage space or not
  7. Thanks for the gestures already: This is to motivate the recipient to accept your request as the recipient will believe your hope is high
  8. Conclude and sign off with your name.

Sample 1:

Bob Manuel

Dept of Agro-products

Lyte city, California

Subject: Request for a storage space

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Tim Agro-products company, I want to request that you offer us a storage space. We do have stocks of our Agro-products that our ware-house can’t accommodate so we are in urgent need of a storage space. We want to be storing our products temporary pending when it will be later needed for sales. The quantity will always depend on the quantity left after when we have offloaded in our ware-house. But on the average we do sometimes have about 40-50 cartons that will need a storage space afterwards.

We know that your storage facility at spring Road will be just what we need. So please we request that you always make the space available for us once a week starting from next week. We promise to keep to all the terms and conditions that will attached to this help. The company wouldn’t mind paying a token for the minor charges that you deem fit. Please consider this request and treat it as urgent as possible.

So should you accept our request, please send a feedback at your earliest convenience. The fact is that our products have been ordered already and delivery will be in the next 2 days. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Manuel

Sample 2

Brain Philip

Molly continental company


12th Feb, 2021

Subject: Request for storage space

Dear Sir

My name is Brain Philip, the representative of Molly continental company. I’m requesting for the storage space in your company. We are importers of bulk electronics from Mexico and the storage space we have already is too small, so we need a bigger space like the ones that are provided by your company.

We want to be stocking our electronics still when they are needed for sales. So we would need a permanent space for now. We intend building a bigger space for our goods but this is no immediate thing, thus, the need for a storage space. We would be using the storage space about twice or thrice per week. We want to start the storage in the next two weeks. We want to order for new ones before we begin the storage.

We vow to be steadfast with your rules and regulations with the space. We wouldn’t mind paying for any damages that will occur due to our negligence. We hope you would consider our request and send a feedback as soon as possible. Please contact me if you would need more information on this. Thanks in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

Brain Philip


A storage space can be needed for different reasons especially when the space one has can’t accommodate all that one has. A storage space elsewhere might just be the way out. Though there are other options that one has to contact an owner of a storage space, but writing it out will be the best. The recipient will have the opportunity of reading in details the need and other details of the request.

To have a well-written request letter for storage space, it is good to follow the guidelines above. All the information in your letter and make the letter has informative as possible. The samples above can be used as your templates.


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