Request for Use of Venue

There’s always a need for a large space to convey people for parties, events or occasion. But unfortunately, the space one might have in one’s home or neighborhood might not be enough.

So you might need to look elsewhere for a space that would accommodate the visitors or guests you would be expecting. The simple rule of courtesy is that you seek permission, for the use of the space when you find one. There are various ways of seeking this permission, but writing a letter of request for use of the venue is the best

So a letter of request for use of venue is a letter of plea for a use of a space as a venue by the writer. This letter is  to ask for permission to use a venue that one deem fits. It will help the writer to show manners by writing to ask for the use. The letter will let the recipient know the details of the venue usage. This  will enable the writer explain the reasons, time and date for the usage. It will help the recipient see reasons why the venue should be released to the writer.

The letter of request though is a formal letter should be written in a friendly tone. You are trying to gain a favor here, so you would have to be polite and courteous in your expression. Your request letter should have the right information, which will motivate the recipient to give a positive reply. Aside using a formal format of writing, the below information should be included in your letter.

  1. Address the recipient of the writer and state your name or group that needs the venue
  2. Express the reason or reasons for the venue: include the theme of the occasion, the number of people you need and the date and time of the occasion.
  3. State the kind of event you would be holding
  4. Then provide contact information, in case the recipient would want to reach you either before or after the event.
  5. Conclude your letter by appreciating the gesture already, and asked that the recipient give you a feedback soonest
  6. Signoff with your name and if necessary with your position

Sample letters of request for use of venue

Sample 1

5th May, 2010

Love Harrison

Daystar catholic church

78989 firldla street

New York City

Dear Harrison,

Re:  A plea to use the church arena

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Juniorate club, a nongovernmental organization in New York. We provide gifts for the less-privileged from town to town and we want to visit New York City this time around. We distribute relief materials and other items to children and aged that are in dire needs of the materials. So we have seen the church arena and we believe it is big enough to accommodate these sets of people for our yearly event.

We would be holding a get-together first, before doing the distribution, so we need a space that we can convey the number of people that would be turning up. So please we asked that you make the arena available to us on the 10th of June by 10 am. We also want to request that you make the chairs, projectors and the sound system available to us. We would be grateful for your generosity.

However, if you think we would need to pay a token for whatever charge or expense, please don’t forget to alert us on time. We wouldn’t mind if you would be forwarding any terms and conditions of usage to us. But we promise to abide by your instructions, so as to show our appreciation. I hope our club would be given your consideration to help make this year’s event a memorable one. thanks in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Gerald Gold

President of Juniorate club

Sample 2

12th August, 2013


Banky Joe

567 forest island, Florida

Subject: Permission to use your venue for my after wedding party

Dear Sir,

I humbly request thank you avail your venue for us to use for our after wedding party. My financee, Ms Sonia and I will be getting married on the 10th of September, 2013 but the church venue will be small for our after-party. So we need a bigger space that will accommodate our entire invited guest after our wedding ceremony. We plead that you release your venue to us

Our after-party will be after the wedding same day, 10th September 2013 by 2 pm. We would be expecting over a 100 guests at the venue. So you see that our little Anglican church, Brooks Street will not accommodate them. so please help see reasons to consider our plea,

We wouldn’t mind paying a token for this booking if need be. You can forward the bill to us alongside other expenses that you deem fit. We are on a budget so you can review the bill a lot downward to enable us make a quick payment. I want to promise that we would be careful with the usage of the venue and no damage shall be recorded. But if peradventure it does happen, we would be taking responsibility of all that happened.

Finally, please consider our request and give us your positive feedback as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely



It is simple courtesy to ask the owner of a venue to allow the use of it. Though, there are other ways to approach the owner or manager of the venue, but writing a request letter does it better. You would need to write a letter of request for use of venue, to notify them of your need. To get a positive response, it is good to include in your letter, information that will interest the venue’s manager or owner.

The above information should also be expressed in your request letter. It will help explain to the recipient all that your request entails. You would get your letter well-written by inputting all these information. You can use the above samples as your templates to excellently write your letter.


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