Requesting Certificate of Insurance from Tenants

When it comes to leasing out or renting out an apartment as a landlord, you need to guard against spending so much money from your pocket on renovations or damages due to tenants negligence.

Some tenants would always cause damages to your home or property which they might not be able to pay the claims at the end of the day. So to put this in check is to request for a certificate of   insurance from them that will cover a certain minimum risks as brought up by the tenants. Though other means of alerting the tenants about them sending in their insurance certificate abound but a simple letter request will suffice.


So a letter requesting certificate of insurance from tenants is a demand letter from landlords asking tenants to tender an insurance certificate of a minimum coverage to them. This letter can request both new and existing tenants to do the needful. Landlords know that a lot of losses and damages in a property emanates mostly from tenants negligence so they will need a document that they can hold onto so that the damages can be restored by the tenants and not from their pockets.


There are some losses in a property that a tenant can’t pay for such a compensation, so the landlord needs a better place that such loss can be recoup. And of course  that can be carried out perfectly by an insurance company than by a individual tenant. So a letter of request to the tenant will help present the certificate which would give the landlord assurance that the rented property would be put in order even if the tenant get it damaged. Another would be to alert the renter that the landlord is in need of an insurance certificate before living in the property as s new tenant. The benefit herein will be both for the tenants and the landlord.


The landlord knows the benefits that would be derived from asking for an insurance certificate and obtaining it. So the demand will be certain to help the landlord to have some confidence that damages to his or her property would be recoup by the insurance company on behalf of the tenants.

How to Write a Letter Requesting Certificate of Insurance from Tenants

The letter of request of insurance certificate from tenants is a formal letter as such it should be professionally written . This means that you would need to employ the formal letter formats and keep the tone as official as possible. Aside using the formal format you need to use the right information that will help the tenants understand why you need them to submit their insurance certificate. The following are the information that should be contained in your letter.

  1. The purpose of writing the letter
  2. Mentioned the minimum insurance coverage you would be accepting.
  3. Mention the liability the insurance certificate will be covering
  4. Let them know it will be a breach if this isn’t submitted
  5. Asked that the name of all the adults per property or apartment be included
  6. State that it should be included in the letter a disclosure of any modifications or cancellation to the landlord on time. At least 30 days minimum.
  7. Conclude the letter and sign off.

Sample Letters of Request for Insurance Certificate from Tenants

Sample 1

12th April,2020,

Dear Tenant,

This is a demand letter to all tenants whether new or old for a request of an insurance certificate. I’m requesting that you forward the insurance certificate to me via your insurance company.

The personal liability insurance that I will be accepting will be a minimum of $7000. This is to show that you would be liable to all the damages and losses that will occurred due to your negligence and otherwise. As I disclaim all the liabilities that will be arising from your negligence like fire outbreak or any damages on my property.

All the same the coverage on your personal belongings on the personal insurance policy still holds and cover damages on your personal belongings. Be informed that all the adults in your apartment is inclusive in this insurance policy.

I will like to be given a notification whenever your insurance company Is either modifying or cancelling the insurance converge. Please treat as urgent as possible. Know that this submission is now one of the important aspect of your renting policy. Failure to comply will show a breach of contract.

So please start the process as your earliest convenience. I hope you will understand the need of this request as much as I do.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Goddy

Sample 2

3rd May 2009,

Dear Tenants,

This is a request letter for your certificate of  insurance which the coverage for personal liability should be to the tune of $4000 minimum. This will cover for losses or damages in your rent due to your negligence. This is to indicate that the landlord will not be liable to damaged that might be a fire outbreak, burglary or other losses that is due to your negligence. Under this coverage you can name in it all the adults that are part of your rent.

But know that the renter insurance policy still holds. You would still be covered when it comes to loss on your personal belongings.

Remember to notify your insurance company to indicate that they should notify me of any relapsing or cancellation that will come up later with your insurance coverage. I hope you would treat this as important as it is. This is because failure to comply would mean a breach of contract by you. Thanks for your usual understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice Amos


As a landlord it is good to want an insurance certificate from your tenants. This act doesn’t only benefits the landlord but the tenants as well. So to get the letter of this nature right you might just need to Include all the information that will help the tenants do the needful. The information to be included in this letter are outlined above

You have the samples above as well you can use any of them as your template to get a well written request letter. Or better still just input your original information on the template and you would have already gotten a perfect letter requesting for certificate of  insurance from your tenants.


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