Requesting Copy of Life Insurance Policy

With life chaotic situation getting a life insurance policy copy missing is sometimes evitable. You might sometimes get it damaged or destroyed by a natural occurrences like fire outbreak or flood.

It can also be you just misplacing or have it stolen. But whatever might be the case why you are needing a copy of the life insurance policy you should quickly obtain it.

Getting the new copy of the insurance policy promptly will help you prevent any future confusion as you would get all the needed information about the life insurance policy from the document. Though you can contact those concerns or the insurance company in different ways to get a new copy of the policy but using the letter writing option will be the best. So to contact them  appropriately to get a new copy will need you writing letter to this effect

So a letter requesting copy of life insurance policy is a demand letter by an insured to an insurer requesting for a new copy of the life insurance policy. This letter will be first to alert the recipient on the need of the writer to get a new copy of the insurance policy. It will help the recipient to see reasons  to issue a new one which will according to the excuses given by the writer. It is a letter that will served as an evidence that the writer requested for another copy of the life insurance policy. The letter will enable the insurers to be aware of the situation with the writer and issue the policy promptly to the writer.

Letter requesting copy of life insurance policy is a formal letter that needs to be written with professional tone. You would adopt the formal manner of writing to convey the information to the insurance company.

This is a request letter so you would have to be polite and courteous when asking for a replacement. Don’t forget to be convincing as well when requesting so that the insurance company will see the need to draft to you another copy of the policy

 Aside using the formal format of writing which includes the address, date, introduction, body and conclusion of the letter. You would need to include the writing information that this kind of letter will need. The following information should be included in your letter.

  1. You would need to state your name and your policy number to show you are an old insured with the insurance company
  2. Then you move to state your purpose of writing the letter
  3. State reasons why you need a new copy ot the life insurance policy. You should be convincing enough to get a positive response from the insurer
  4. Include your previous insurance policy details for confirmation
  5. Conclude your letter with a plea for early response and release of another Life insurance policy.
  6. Sign off and include your name.

Sample Letters Requesting Copy of Life Insurance Policy

Sample 1

The momentums insurance company

1234 Husker street,

Houston Texas


Subject: Request of a copy of a life insurance policy.

Dear Orwell,

I’m an insured of momentums insurance company with policy number #34567. This letter is to notify you that I need a new copy of life insurance policy. The old one got destroyed by the fire incident that happened in my home on the 1st may of this year.

The policy was in ashes with other items before the rescue team could arrive the scene. So please I humbly request that you draft a new one to me. This will help me avoid any future confusion. Please I will be grateful if you treat this as urgent as you can.

The below are the full details of my policy details with your company.

The name of policy holder;

Maureen John

The holder’s policy number


The date of issuance;


The registered contact number by the policy hold


Please treat this as urgent as possible and send a possible feedback at your earliest convenience. If you need to contact me for any enquires please contact me on the above mobile number. I’m always  available for questioning.

Thank you in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Maureen John

Sample 2

Hallmark insurance company

3456 Moline street,

Austin Texas

4th July 2009

Subject: A plea for a copy of life insurance policy

Dear Maxwell,

My name Alfredo Jimenez, a life insurance policy holder of your insurance company. I became your client since 2003 but got the life insurance policy in 2007.

The reason for writing this letter is to intimidate you on my need for a new copy of the life insurance policy. The previous one was misplaced a long side my other documents when I made a relocation last year. I couldn’t Just placed my hands on how it happened but can’t seems to find it.

So I’m trying to quickly nip any future confusion in the bud now. So that’s is why I’m requesting for this new copy. I’m hoping that you would give it the urgent treatment that this request needs.

My below credentials are the true information for me

Name of policy Holder:

Alfredo Jimenez

Policy holder no


Date of issuance of the policy


Contact number of the policy holder


I hope you would grant my request as I look forward to you drafting the new copy of the policy in no distant time. The above mobile no is for your immediate contact of me if you need to make any enquiries from me.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Alfredo Jimenez


You can misplaced, damaged, destroyed or get your life insurance policy torn for no cause of yours. This will be understandable because somethings are inevitable but not to request for a new one is the bad thing to do.

So if you have realized that your life insurance policy is no where to be found with you, then you need to request for a new one. A quick way of request is to write a letter to the insurance company asking for a copy. The guidelines above will help you draft your letter in an informative manners that will supply the insurance company all that they need to know about the loss

The samples written above is to give you a good guide on how to write your letter to perfection. So you make your choice and start writing excellently.


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