Resignation Due to Bullying

Bullying is one vice that can be very difficult to tolerate in any place, be it at work or home. This is because bullying can make one depressed, lose one’s esteem, peace of mind and even be suicidal.

Some people might have the strong-willed to withstand or retaliate but if it is affecting your mental health, then it might just be a time to take a bow. The way out of such monstrous situation is to get yourself from the situation is through writing to resign from the job. You would need to state why you are leaving the job which is due to bullying. This is where a resignation letter due to bullying comes in.

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So a resignation letter due to bullying is an exit letter from a job written to formally inform the management of a work place. This is to officially signal to the work place employer or boss that you can no longer cope with the work place harassment and you are willing to leave than stay. It is a letter that will also alert the management to the issue of buying if such issues are coming from other workers. The writer would also be obeying the work place ethics, which most places include an official resignation when leaving their employs.

Writing an effective resignation letter due to bullying will need you to be detailed, polite and compelling with your letter. You would need to include all the necessary information that will interest the reader or recipient. The below writing tips and guides should be adopted by you.

  • This is a formal letter, so you should use only formal tone and language in your letter. Include the other elements of a formal letter like the salutation, date, contact details etc.
  • Include details of work and try to make professionalism with it
  • You would need to convey your sentiments in a less aggressive manner. Don’t let the hurts overwhelm you. Avoid the use of threats, anger or being aggressive in your letter
  • Don’t try accusing anyone or distributing blame. You are on your way out already, so try to be cordial to a large extent with everyone
  • If you want the company to know the long details, you can send that to the HR department. But for this that is directed to your boss, keep it simple and short

Below are the samples of resignation letter due to bullying

Sample 1

Williams King

457 Thelon Street, Houston


10th July 2020

The Director

Chapman breweries ltd,

45 front layout, Houston


Dear Sir,

Since I joined your company few years back, I have done my duties to the best of my abilities. I contribute a lot to keep the company going and for us to get the goals of the business as enumerated by you. I try to always put in more time, because it isn’t about how far but how well we can go. If you check the attendance records, you would notice that I haven’t skipped work even for a day.

Since the resignation of Sam Brown, I was told to take over his duties in addition to mine, still a new person is employed. The manager expressly told me that before 24 days that a new worker would come relieve of the duties only for me to do the work for 2 months. So I was feeling pressured and drained under this workload, which I approach the manager to complain about. But instead of doing the needful by bringing in another person as agreed, he began to harassed me. I have been condoning his bullying but can take it any longer.

He has been acting unprofessional towards me, get angry over little issues when its concerns me, shut me down at will and even refused to sign my sick leave card even when I was visibly sick. So at this point I can no longer condone his excesses. So I’m resigning immediately for my peace of mind and mental health. Thanks for the opportunity in your company to serve. I wish you and my other colleagues’ all the best.

Yours sincerely,

Williams KING

Sample 2

Bright Sunday


1st may 2021


Cadbury pharmaceutical  company

Los Angeles,

Dear Mr. Gab,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of Cahier of Cadbury Pharmaceutical Company. As it is the policy of the company, I would love to complete my working days for this period which I have just 6 days to go. So I will be formally leaving on the 6th of may. I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in your company.

It was really awesome being a part of this team but I’m saddened that I’m going away jut soon due to situations beyond my control. I had lofty dreams for the company because I like how you work round the clock to make everyone happy but unfortunately, I have to cut my stay here short. I have found some attitudes of my teammates very unbearable to continue with the work. I know I’m confident, skilled and have what it takes but this can only be done in a conducive environment. The work environment here is very toxic, so I have to exit for my well-being.

I hope you understand my predicaments and oblige my request to go with handing me my dues. Thank you once again for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Bright  Sunday.


Working in a toxic environment filled with bullies can be devastating to one’s health and well-being. This is why people that are bullied in workplace rather leave than remain. If you are being bullied and you decide to leave than writing a resignation to such effect will be the professional thing to do. To draft your letter perfectly well, you would need to adopt the writing guide as outlined above. You should also look at the samples as they are written for your review and adoption. You don’t need to copy verbatim, just customize it to your taste.


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