Temporary Closure due to Covid-19

When it comes to a pandemic like covid 19, it is not to be joked with when one member of an office or a business is infected with it. When such happens it is expedient to quarantine such a staff and temporarily close down the business.

This will give the authority the time to sanitize and disinfect the business premises. This is to avoid a bigger spread which might endanger the lives of others. So to get everyone informed a letter to notify people needs to be sent out. At this point, a letter of temporary business closure due to covid will be employed.

So a letter of temporary business closure due to Covid is a letter to notify people concerned of impending temporary closure of a business center. The letter will be able to inform the staff and other members of the business the need of the closure. It will give the receivers information like when the business will be shut down and when it is resuming. It will give information on how the writer intends to tackle the problem and how others can help as well. Writing to the people concerned will alert them to be careful of the new development.

Letter of temporary business closure due to Covid should be written in a formal tone. This is because it is a formal letter and only formal elements should be used. But then, the message should be passed in a friendly manner. But the most important thing is that, the letter should be informative, since it is notifying people on a new development. The information to be contained in this kind of letter are:

  1. The detailed reason for the temporary business closure: in this case due to covid 19
  2. The steps the business intend to take to arrest the situation: This is for the safety of the staff as the resumed
  3. The date of shutting down and resuming for business: When the temporary closure will begin and when it will be ending
  4. How the already affected members would be helped: like keeping the affected person quarantined
  5. The assurance of the business to the staff and others of the business
  6. Conclude the letter and sign off.

Sample 1

To whom it may concern,

Yesterday, I received the information that a staff of this organization have tested positive to covid-19. So the immediate action was taken by the company and the staff was quarantined. However, at this point of writing this letter, no other staff has the symptoms or experiencing similar symptoms. So without further ado, we are taking the decision of closing the business for now.

After two days of closure, we intend to bring in the professional sanitizing crew to help out with this. We want to disinfect the whole premises to keep everywhere safe before we resume again. We are grateful that only one person was affected and this was brought to our attention this early. We would be shutting the business by today from 3pm. The new date of resumption will be communicated the same way this was sent out.

Please we implore everyone to stay safe as you remain at home. Try and obey the simple rules to help kick Covid 19 permanently out of our lives. We promise to remain steadfast to giving every one the safety and protection needed. We are sorry for all the inconveniences this urgent break must have caused anyone.

I look forward to everyone returning to work as healthy as one can be. We know we can do together. So let join hands and keep this pandemic out. Thanks for your understanding.

Yours sincerely

Adolphus Carlos


Sample 2

To whom it may concerned

It is an unfortunate situation that we have to close the business abruptly because of the new development in the organization. One of the top staff has just tested positive for Covid 19. It has always been our responsibility to keep everyone safe and well-protected. So we would have to close the business temporary for now.

We have agreed to test everyone before we all vacant for this break, however, the result will sent to everyone within 2 weeks. So if you test positive, you would have to get yourself quarantine still further notice. We would have the business premises shut to everyone from the tomorrow 8 am. So there will no work still further notice.

During the short closure of the company, we want to disinfect and deep clean our facility. We are already in talks with the right health ad sanitation authority. The officials would be invited to come help keep our company safe when we resumed. The reopening details will be communicated to everyone as soon as we are sure that everything is set. Please while away don’t forget to keep yourself safe to avoid being infected.

The company is committed to see that this pandemic is curbed for everyone security. We hope you would help us weather this storm too. Thank you for your understanding. Looking forward to see everyone look refreshed and well-relaxed when we resumed.

Yours sincerely,

Oleo Paul


When once someone in a business or company test positive to covid 19, it behooves on others to run for safety. For the business a temporary shutdown wouldn’t be a bad idea. People will need to stay away from such premises until it has been disinfected and cleaned by the professional sanitation crew. The person or people infected should be quarantined. Then the other staff should be shut out of the premises by stopping work almost immediately.

To alert everyone of this kind of development, a letter of notification of temporary closing should be sent out. The letter should contain all the information that the readers need to know about, to able them have the right fact. The information stated above are the details that should be contained in your letter. Better still, you can use the samples above as a template to know how to craft your letter to perfection.


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